"Angry Scar" and sf4's Dumb damage scaling


So yeah, can anyone give me some specifics about this move? I saw it being used randomly before combos in the front page video. Does this even do anything? The move is supposed to be a cancel, so why would you do it before starting? Also, what is this move’s input?

And… Has ssf4’s damage scaling (partivularly on block) been loosened up at all? It seems it hasn’t, which means a whooole lot of defensiveness, which can be boring to watch and mentally taxing to use. Not to say that you can’t do damage or combo well in it, people. I’m more talking about how defensive is in general.


AFAIK it powers up the next Tiger Uppercut’s damage by a %. It doesn’t take away scaling because it just buffs the next TU.

Umm majority of block damage is still 25% of the normal hits I think. There’s no reason to change up anything on that front.

Majority of the new characters are rush down and it’s balanced around them.


ok cool. and i know scar wont effect scaling that would be messed up there.


Way to make another shitty thread.

and lol@ damage scaling on block


But damage scaling has nothing to do with a game’s defensiveness, if anything it probably encourages creative offense since it gives you more incentive to do things like resets.