Angrynord's Valentine's Day Art Competition (Prizes!)

this one’s mine. tried to mimic the old a3 boxed letters =P

The contest is now closed.

Let’s just say that I’m disappointed. Due to the total apathy towards this, I will not be holding any more contests in the future. Good job to QUAID and Bland_Wolf.

Yeah I though this contest would rake in tons of artists, it was a really cool idea. I mean Valentines Day and Street Fighter girls how could you go wrong? Oh well I am glad this contest was up.

I really wanted to do this but I had no time to much school work and what not. :frowning:

Sorry, I never had any time to work on anything.

I really don’t care what your excuse is, because I know it’s bullshit. Don’t come into a contest thread and say you’re down when you’re not. No more contests from me in this forum, because all that was shown was total apathy. I offered you guys $70-75 in prizes out of my own pocket, and all you had to do was draw, which if you participate in this subsection then that is something you normally do of your own volition. So, no more contests from me. I’ll select one of my TWO fucking entrants as the winner sometime tomorrow.

Alright, I’ve made my decision. The winner is QUAID! Congratulations man. Please send me a PM with shipping information to receive your prize.

Don’t get mad at other people because you’re disappointed at the turnout guy.


Well a few people said they where down for sure and none of them submitted anything so there was a expectation on their part. Nice avatar by the way, know where can I get the full image by any chance?

The only reason I kept the contest open was because of the responses. Had no one responded, I would have simply closed it. It’s basically like someone saying they’ll meet you somewhere and then never showing up. I also hate it when someone does that and then makes excuses.

I’m not mad at people who never said they’d enter. However, like I said before, due to the apathy, there won’t be anymore contests from me. I was going to have a contest every month, and this was a trial run to see how it would go. I can only assume from the lack of responses and lack of entries that there must be a lack of interest. So, rather than put my money up and not even getting a competition out of it, I just won’t hold contests.

Hey, don’t get mad about it, I said I would try, I didn’t have the time, so I couldn’t.

Sorry you didn’t get alot of entries, but there’s no need to P’Oed at everyone who tried.

I wish you would just be straight about it and say “I didn’t care”.

You can say you tried all you want, I won’t believe you.

Hey Angrynord I finished the coloring on my entry. You can see it here Let me know what you think.

Oh yeah, I’m sure you can read minds, and tell if someone’s excuse is legitimate or not. I could tell you that I was in the hospital and you still would dismiss it as a stupid excuse.

Do you draw? If not, then you have NO IDEA how long it sometimes takes to think and get the creative process going. And mind you, alot of people have school, work, and other matters that take precedence over some art contest.

So don’t go assuming we don’t care about your contest, it’s stupid. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t even tried. I tried coming with a bunch of sketches, but none of them looked good.

I liked the angle and coloring looks natural, one thing I have a small issue with is the mouth, did your hand slip when you were drawing it or something?

Were you in the hospital? If not, then I don’t see how it’s relevant.

No, I don’t draw. I do engage myself in other creative endeavors, however. I also have many friends that are into art. It might take a long time for you, but that is far from the case with everyone.

I understand that people have school and work and other obligations. However, I refuse to believe that you had no time to accomplish this. It doesn’t take THAT long to complete a piece. Also, like I said before, I’m not mad at people who never said anything. That would be silly. I’m not doing contests anymore not out of anger, but rather because I see it as a futile endeavor.

You’re just missing the point. You’re still trying to justify something when all you have to do is be honest. You came in here and said “I didn’t have time”. That’s bullshit and you know it. You had an entire month to work on this. I wouldn’t have even have said anything, but you came in here with an excuse. If you had came here with honesty, stating that this was low on your list of caring, you would have had my respect. Instead you came in here with an excuse. Hell, if you hadn’t said anything at all, I wouldn’t have said a word on the matter. You having other shit going on is fine. I understand that. However, I don’t have a high tolerance for excuses. Maybe you just haven’t had enough people try to spoon feed you that bullshit yet, otherwise you would get it.

I’m assuming that there is a lack of caring because of the lack of response. Once again, that doesn’t make me angry, just a bit disappointed. People can have a lack of interest, that’s fine. What bothers me is you trying to bullshit me.

I sure hope I’m not too late. Here is my entry.

which part of the mouth are you referring to? the lips or the line between?

It was just an example. I know you’re disappointed, but please stop calling my excuses BS. For this specific contest, It was really hard to come up with a worthwhile idea, and when I finally came up with a sketch, I didn’t think it was worth putting in the contest. I know everyone doesn’t have a hard time, but for alot of people, it still does take a long time to come up with anything.

And while I did have time to work on it, I had other drawing projects and writing projects I had to work on(thus, I said I would TRY to come up with something, and I couldn’t). Don’t get discouraged, I’ve set up a bunch of art challenges and contests on other forums, and many of them didn’t get a single entry. If it didn’t get any, I’d just start a new one later. It all depends on the theme of the contest. While your contest was a good idea, it’s just not the subject everyone is interested in drawing.


Way too late man.

See, that’s what I was looking for. Excuses are falsehoods. What you said there was the truth. Thank you for being honest.