Ani-Jam 2013 Tournament (Fresno, California - August 17-18, 2013)


Hi everyone,

Ani-Jam 2013 (Fresno, California’s anime convention) will be having a fighting video game tournament on August 17-18 in Fresno, California (@ Valdez Hall in the Fresno Convention Center) hosted by KAMIKAZEGAMEZ.

For those near the area, hope you can make it!

Visit our website at or on Facebook at

**Please refer all questions to KAMIKAZEGAMEZ **@


It would really help if you put the Rules/Fees/Prizes that you may be offering up in this thread.
We shouldn’t have to go to FB for that.

Kamikazegamez has a really bad rep around Fresno for throwing sucky tournaments that don’t give out said prizes. I’m interested in this event but not if it’s on some shady stuff.