Chapter 1
New York Birthday Jamboree

David Blackman III was riding the train home after an evening of fun. He was now 18 years old just celebrated his birthday with some friends over at a Net Cafe. Davey wasn’t as well known as his older brother Joseph “Ace” Blackman, but he was an exceptionally skilled fighter. He still wanted to be able to defeat his older brother. Davey’s twin brother Chris sat next to him. Davey was wearing a black T-Shirt, a pair of jeans, and steel plated gloves with the words “Lightning God” enscribed on them. His hair was spiked and he wore green contact lenses. Chris was dressed formally and had his hair cut short. He had the same eye color as Ace did. The two were alone in the subway car.

“Hey Davey!” Chris said. “Ever wonder what the hell Joe’s doing?”

“Ace is probably kicking some ass or gettin freaky with his wife.” Davey replied. “You know him. Never really does much else. And he sure as hell won’t cut his damn hair!”

Chris looked at his twin brother with a wierd stare. Their elder brother was officially Ranked 12th out of 57 of the strongest fighters in the US. Ken Masters was still the US Martial Arts Champion. Davey assumed that Ace was probably tending to his wife Elle and one year old daughter Jessica. Suddenly, a young woman came bursting through from another subway car. She was being chased by a couple of thugs. The woman’s clothes were badly torn and she was crying. He could tell they tried to rape her.

“Keep running,” Chris said. “We’ll distract him!”

Davey then stepped in the way of the punks, taking note of their appearances. There were five of them and they all looked like they were intoxicated. He couldn’t identify the scent they emitted, but Chris easily identified that these thugs consumed high ammounts of a new drug called Moon Crush that was being pushed on New Yorkers. Moon Crush was ridiculous name for an addictive substance, but Chris knew a couple former classmates in his campus that were addicts. And he knew how the drug destroyed their minds and bodies like any other illicit substance, But the temporary effects appeared similar to that of a combination of cocaine and steriods used by proffesional body builders. The side effects were deadly, but the temporary boost in physical muscle mass and the high seemed to take over the judgement. It’s scent was distinctly odious and strong, but didn’t effect anyone. The body absorbed all the toxicants and the rest were just harmless odors emitted from the sweat glands. But before Chris could warn Davey, He was already striking one of the thugs.

“Shit, Son!” One of them said. “You call that a punch? Now I gotta teach you not to mess with our flex!”

Davey’s strike didn’t even phase them. The thug swung at him with a haymaker punch. He then parried it, but he ended up feeling his fingers sprain from deflecting the attack. The muscles were too big, and the chemical boost in strength just made them as strong as any body builder. This battle proved to be a losing one for the twins, and the woman stayed to watch the fight. One of the thug’s friends landed a punch deep into Davey’s left shoulder. One loud crack followed by a howl of agony could be heard from miles away. His left shoulder was now broken. Another punk then kicked him in the side. Another crack signalled that he had just had four broken ribs on the same side as his broken shoulder. Chris then pulled something out of his knapsack. It was a detachable wooden staff.

“You inconsiderate pigs aren’t killin my brother tonight!”

Chris then attached his staff and nailed one of them between the eyes. The thug he had struck just stood there and laughed. He then tried to strike Davey once more, only to feel the staff hit him in the throat. The staff did little damage but was able to stun the thug for a couple seconds. He then struck another thug. However, this thug caught the staff and broke it. Instead of using the broken end as a weapon, he crushed it to splinters with just his grip.

((To Be Continued!))