Animal Crossing: Tom Nook gets a bad rep

This is a general Animal Crossing thread. Probably going to focus mainly on New Horizons, but anything Animal crossing is welcome.

Figured we could use this thread to exchange friend codes (sigh) and get a nice network of SRK islands together.

Since the world is going to hell in a hand basket with the current pandemic situation, at least we can chill with our homies Isabelle and Tom Nook.

That dude gives you a “pay at you own rate/zero interest” loans and builds your house in a day. He’s a good dude that we should all respect :pray:

helpful links (courtesy of @Infernoman):
use this for seeing custom designs and looking up your fish/insects

Happy Island Designer

Make your dream island map. Made for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

a way to plan out your island seup before going all in on something you wish to design
site for turnip trading (and making those mad big profits)
How to track your turnip pattersn for the week and seeing if you’re more likely to make it big or maybe consider finding another place to profit.
Mystery island info

Also, 5PM slaps:

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Posted this in the general game thread but I’ll post it herr too.

The cheery blossoms thag fall can be used to craft some really cool stuff. I’ve been stockpiling them for when I get more recipes.

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I honestly have a hard time catching them. Something about them fucks up my depth perception

Approach them sort of like carching a bug. These things have an odd hit box. If you touch those suckers with your character, they’ll vanish. The same can happen if you swing with your next near them and miss.

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I have a problem with depth perception in general when it comes to catching the bugs. I don’t know how many tarantulas have given me a time out by now just because I can’t seem to whack em the first try, lol.

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I hate the Easter Event, the Eggs are getting into my materials farming and fishing activities.

Wait till you find the island of Tarantulas.

People who set their game for the Southern Hemisphere instead of Northern Hemisphere got Scorpions. Apparently Tarantulas are a Winter Bug and Scorpions are summer bugs

Yeah, fuck this Easter event. I like fishing and all these stupid eggs are screwing it up.

Also, does anyone know the RNG on the wood types? I swear, it was 40% hardwood, 40% soft and 20% regular before this event. Now I never get regular wood

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Normal wood is the least to come off any tree you cut/whack. Don’t know the exact numbers but I consider myself lucky when two pieces of normal wood come off.

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Yeah I tried to chop a tree down and I got 3 stupid eggs

The Cherry blossom petals on the other hand are perfect as it does not replace anything and does not get in the way

Found out you can catch an ant by leaving fruit on the ground for five days.

You guys seen Celeste on youd island yet?

Yeah, she likes to watch stars

Celeste? Like the redhead?

No she is the female owl, Blather’s Sister.

She shows up before a Meteor shower, if you make a “wish” during that time you can get a star piece for your materials

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I need one of them for a bamboo wand. Thanks for the tip.

Not sure what it does, but it’s listed under tools in the DIU menu

During the shooting stars, make sure you have nothing in your hands so you can make your wishes. I picked up a bunch of stat fragments the next day.

so does anyone have a correct list of what it takes to get 3 stars for your island? I’m getting all kinds of conflicting info on what I need to do.

I have no idea what itntakes to get 3 stars. I’m still stuck with 2 star. Is 3 what it takes to get K.K. Slider to come to the island?

yep…some say you need able sisters 8 villagers min, and here is where some info is not clear:

100 flowers
25-50 exterior items (chairs, bonfires, water fountain, things that liven up your island) I don’t know what the number is
Most/all weeds gone (again not sure if each weed needs to be gone)
Fencing (no clear info on how much, use what Tom Nook gives you whatever)

I just want to start terraforming my island that is my main goal. tired of all these in game requirements.

so, New Horizons is my very first Animal Crossing game outside of the complete and utter SHIT that is the mobile game. I don’t think I’ve played a game this often on the daily in a very long time …

Plus now my wife is playing it. Send help …


A lot of people are saying NH is to animal crossing as MHW is to Monster Hunter and I can see that. More accessible but still caters to old heads.

For example, it straight up tells you about the money rocks, more or less, by requiring you to hit the rocks to get ore. In the old ones, you just had to know one rock would drop cash once a day

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