Animal Cruelty - 4chan on the hunt

**4chan on the Hunt for Puppy-Throwing Girl

4chan on the Hunt for Puppy-Throwing Girl
On Monday, this graph
ic video of an unknown girl throwing puppies into a river appeared online, much to the consternation of internet-using animal-lovers everywhere. But don’t fret: The weirdos and agitators of 4chan’s /b/ are hot on the trail.
Warning: This is a graphic video! Seriously! Don’t watch it if you don’t think you can handle animal abuse.

On Monday afternoon, this video was posted to a thread on /b/?the unruly, lawless “Random” board on the popular imageboard site 4chan?along with a characteristically sweet message: "Find this dumb little bitch and throw her into a river."
The LiveLeak video page to which the /b/ thread linked listed what little information the video’s poster could glean from the short clip: We can determine from the picture so few things.
One, based on assumption, she probably has a facebook account, no matter what country they’re in.
Two, she is 5ft 6in-5ft 8in, blond, eye color unknown, Caucasian
She has something written upside-down on her red sweater, barely legible, might be of assistance if it’s the product of a local store.
Let’s work together on exposing this sicko! Use the comments.
4channers quickly got to work. If there’s one thing /b/ is really good at (besides calling each other “****”), it’s finding people?something we all learned the other week, when the board rapidly found a woman who dumped a cat in a garbage bin, and harassed her into confessing and apologizing.
They didn’t disappoint: The 4chan miscreants quickly identified the owner of the YouTube account that had uploaded the video, his hometown, and, possibly, his Facebook account. And not just that: /b/tards picked out two Facebook profiles they thought were most likely the girl in the video, as well as profiles of friends and the camera man.
So: Did they get their girl? Uh. I hope so? Because they’ve already started harassing her and the people around her. The /b/tards are confident that they’re right, and they’ve got some evidence: “Martin,” the Bosnian kid on whose YouTube account the video was apparently uploaded first, seems to have posted on a Croatian gaming forum here (via) complaining about 4chan. (Based on a shoddy Google translation, it also sounds like he admits to having something to do with the video?especially in this comment, where he talks about a diseased dog.)
But, unlike the cat bin lady, no one has come forward to officially confess or take the blame, which means that the people singled out by 4chan could just be a couple of regular Balkan teenagers at the wrong end of the unfocused wrath of hundreds of bored assholes.
/b/, for its part, isn’t unanimously on board with the apparent trend towards the 21st century version of stringing people up in the town square. But not because dissenting posters have a moral or ethical problem with vigilantism?because they have a problem with caring about stuff. gives you a good sense of the tenor of the debate: “This place used to be the darkest pit of the internet… now this place is full of justicefags all over.” The future of /b/: Aggressive nihilism versus wrathful lynch mobbing. What a choice!


I can’t watch someone throw puppies into a river :shake:
Why would someone do such a thing…

God damn man. Throwing puppies in the river? What the fuck is up with this shit? This up there with burning the cat alive, throwing the dog off the bridge and stepping on the kitten with the stilleto. I know a lot of good, great and amazing things are constantly happening everywhere but damn if shit like this doesn’t warrant a meteor or two hitting the planet.

From the article apparently a Bosnian kid is catching shit for this. Fucking Eastern Europe man, that whole geographic location scares the shit out of me.

This is so fucked up…

This chick needs to be locked up for a long time :shake:

Typical /b/tards being /b/tards as far as I’m concerned. Her actions will obviously be punished if she’s found, so really, there’s not much to say other than she’s a bitch and move on it life.

All I see is 4chan and it makes me wish I was a mod so I could permaban you. Anyways, someone killed some puppies with water and recorded it to look cool. A million puppies die each year from euthanasia, but atleast these ones died amusing someone, so in a sick and twisted way it gave their wretched little lives meaning.

Last night a friend of mine posted this on their facebook. Disgusted, I watched it. I showed my friend and she wanted to find out who it was. After lots of internet searching (yes on 4chan unfortunantly) her and I have come to the conclusion that

It was this girl Annabella Arapovic
Last night I found her facebook and today it was deleted

Ill find a picture that shows the similarity. They look like the same dumb bitch and she has the same braclet as in the video

This is where the original video was posted on youtube
YouTube - harmunikas22’s Channel

That guy looks exactly like this guy, who listed Annabella Arapovic as his sister/she listed him as her brother.
Ivo ?kica Volarevi? | Facebook

They are from bosniea or some shit
and i found a picture of the river and its in bosniea

Anyway I hope this girl gets punished for what shes done.

If she would throw you in the river and people on SRK would laugh, would you hear it?

Man I watched that video, and holy shit!! I laughed at first because that first because you can’t really tell what is happening until the puppy hits the water and makes that noise. Leave it to a puppy to make multiple puppicides sound cute. Anyway, this shit, and any witch hunting needs to stay on 4chan, close this shit please.

Man, back when I was a kid, I almost died drowning. I thought I could swim because I played at the beach so one day when the other kids were jumping into the deep end of the pool, I thought I would try too. I can still hear the kids laughing at me as I gasped for air and flailed my arms around. If it wasn’t for one of my friends I would have died at the age of 7. They told me later on that they thought I was faking, that’s why they were laughing at me. I still remember that sensation of giving up and fading out until this day. When I look back on it, it makes me laugh now because it was funny even if it was stupid as hell and totally pointless. Needless to say, if those puppies drowned they did so horribly, just like all the other puppies that don’t survive in the thousands of puppy mills world wide.


In the olden days in England people used to put kittens or puppies in sacs and drown them on purpose. This was done to control the pet population.

That being said, I don’t think such archaic practices should be happpening today.

Who would throw a grown man in a river unless he was already dead?

You ever heard of killing two birds with one stone? Except the stone is tied to your ankles with a chain.

uhhhhhh… what?

Oh and by the way, animal cruelty laws are different for bosniea…Annabella wont get in any trouble for this…

Sounds fun.

Yeah, at the start, when you see that bitch toss the first puppy but you can’t really tell, and then the puppy yelps right when it hits the water. I laughed, and then I felt bad because all the other puppies kinda went silent when they realized their fate. What can I say, I am an asshole, but I fucking love puppies and anything puppy related, which apparently includes puppy demise.

So I began to watch the video up to that part and alt F4’d. I need to log off now to :sad:

This is incredibly terrible but the puppy being thrown off the bridge and the kitten burned alive were worse as far as pain they cause. Thankfully the dog thrown off the bridge was found, rescued and given a good home.

I refuse to watch the video, but that bitch needs to burn. She needs to get raped and tortured to be taught a lesson that humans aren’t above being tortured for amusement.

And then we can toss the rapist and tortures off a bridge to teach THEM a lesson. Then we can rape and torture whoever tossed THEM off the bridge, than we can blah blah blah toss my salad.