Animal RED/Teroar New animal fighting game in the works


Hi, I just wanted to stop by and show off a project I’ve been working for the last 6 months. Its gonna be a fighter with an all animal cast of characters. All I can tell you so far is it’s gonna be a 6 button fighter and it’s non airdash/anime. I want it to play more like a classic Capcom 2d fighter fighter ala Darkstalkers. I’m currently refer to the project as Animal RED/ Teroar for the moment until I find a better name. The roster currently consist of a Fox,Lion,wolf,tiger, snake characters. I posted a short video below showing my progress. This is just in the idea phase I just want to gauge interest. Please feel free to ask questions both negative and positive are welcome, I’m open to ideas, help etc. I’d like to build a team for this so if anyone has expertise in sprite work,storyboard,art direction,game design,coding,sound just let me know if you wanna help. Unfortunately this is a non profit project I do on my free time, if it’s any good I may start a kickstarter. Thank you for your time.


Just post the video straight up, just getting lines of code.


I’m apologize, I’m having trouble embeding the video. I’m an complete idiot when it comes to forums.


Looks quite cool