Animal Thread


There’s something i’ve always wanted to know… are Baboons stronger than humans? If so, by how much?

chimpanzee’s are apparently 8 times stronger than the average Human. An average female chimp can squat 800kg, Gorillas are twice as strong as the average chimp but where do baboons fit in this?


if it’s not human, you should probably assume that it’s automatically physically stronger than humans except in one way: amount of distance traveled. we can travel farther distances than any other animal. i think that’s only cause we’re bipedal though.


Animals being stronger, huh?
We’ll see about that when I run into a bear, and USE BEAR MACE ON IT!!! And then by like “FUCKIN’ BEAR, IT WAS MADE… JUST FOR YOOOUUUUUUUU!!”


Baboons are pretty small in comparison to the average adult human, thats why i asked… i’m sure most animals can travel further distances if they wanted to.


While humans may only have like 2 strength and like, 1 defense, and a rhino may have like 20 strength and 15 defense, or cheetah would have like 15 speed, humans have overpowered equipment. Like, a tank would give you like, +500 attack and defense, an elephant could stand there and do crits all day and only do like, 1 damage.

Animals wasted all of their tech tree points evolving claws and sense of smell and shit like that. Little did they know intelligence would unlock shit like guns and other ranged attacks. They are still grinding for experience just so they can avoid getting wiped out by random encounters while we have total map control and end game items.

Now humans battle each other for MP (money points) in order to summon the most powerful shit like stealth bombers and predator drones.


boy racing an otter


lol, that bearcat looks evil.


chimps are too. and a chimp is powerful enough to rip off a person’s ARM. how many humans you know that can do that?


Since Mike Tyson never went MMA, we’ll never know if even he can do it…




who the hell’s that?


my dad when he’s pissed off.


I use all my mp on whores…

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Tell that to birds, fish, dolphins, bees, should I go on?

A baboon is not “rip your arm off and beat you to death with it” strong like a chimp is, but it will still whoop your ass and bite straight through your neck, but feel free to try it!


I said probably… which kinda indicates that you should use a bit of common sense


Well we don’t travel farther distances than other animals at all. We simply just migrated. There are tons of animals, that fly, swim, or walk on four legs that are capable of traveling immense distances. See any animal with a migration pattern or any predator that travels 20+ miles in a day just wandering around looking for things to eat.

Once you take animal that just squat in the same place all the time out of it, we really don’t travel that far.


What I find interesting is the fact that all self-aware animals murder and/ or rape. (Dolphins, Chimps, Humans, Asian Elephants, Orangutans) It makes me wonder if there’s some innate response to do anything and everything free will provides, once there are no instinctive precursors governing a newly self-lucid species? Instinctive gratification can now be sought beyond the means of biological clocks.

Is there potentially another higher form of self-awareness that could eventually be evolved to quell these antisocial behaviors? Evolution is a very messy process…


Man, I hate apes. People think they’re all cute and adorable and don’t even realize they can rip you apart and bite your balls off.

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But wasn’t one of our ancester’s means of hunting, before we got weapons and stuff simply chasing the animal until it dropped from exhaustion?


Well stupid animals do this as well. Reptiles will straight up kill their own species and rape them as well. We only consider it murder or rape in animals capable of higher functions because they are aware of what they are doing and that they are inflicting pain. However that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a reason. It’s just that higher thinking animals are capable of having other reasons beyond “eat, territory, reproduce” at an instinctual level.

For examples wolves, while not as high level as chimps, engage in rape constantly, and it’s not to reproduce. They use rape to keep other pack members in line. And lions murder their own for more complex reason then “i’m going to steal your kill” or “this is my territory” and they aren’t as high level as chimps either.

So I wouldn’t say rape or murder are unique to high level animals, it’s just that high level animals find far more reasons to employ these tactics because they aren’t considered only about fucking and eating.

We could heat exhaust a few animals in some situations, but we’re far from the kings of endurance. For a fun experiment go buy a siberian husky and try to “exhaust” it roaming through the snow. You’re ass will be ground out long before it breaks a sweat. And we aren’t the only animals that kill things this way. You either are explosively fast and just gob smack the fuck out of the thing, or you let it weaken a bit and then finish it off. This is hardly a human trait. We’re only special among apes in this aspect, not animals at large.