Animate my avatar


Can someone add some kind of animation to my current avatar?
Make the light glow or sparkle or give it more of a lightning effect?




let me know if it works. i can never remember what the size limit for prem is.:sweat:


48.8 is max
so over by juuuust a bit
otherwise, its wicked!


try this one instead. i think it should fit.


thanks bloop, you da man :woot:


no prob!



^So awesome.




lole epicc!


I just wanted to fuck around with Imageready a little tonight.

if you don’t use it, you lose it.

I just threw it together half-assed, which is why the bars all move at the same speed, and they’re not evenly spaced. And why the “Pride” logo is crudely chopped out.

I just did it for laughs, and to generate laughs.


its very good lol


glad you ‘got’ the joke, and didn’t take offense!


That is funny.

I’ll even use it.


be my guest.

if anybody wants to actually use it, by all means!


lol @ gay pride flag.