Animated Aang Avatar Request

I’m hoping it’s not too difficult. If this is an absurd request, someone let me know.

From any talented, generous artist out there, I’m requesting an avatar of Aang, the dimensions of which I’d like to be Premium hight or less (as you see fit), with standard width.

Black background, just like the picture.

Instead of white in the arrow though, I’d like a horizontal rainbow light effect to continuously scroll down.

Keep the eyes as they are, or perhaps try some kind of white glow effect.

Black border, maybe with a subtle white or rainbow shadow, emboss or whatever.

For the text, put ??? in black. Doesn’t need to be very visible.

Thank you very much in advance to anyone who takes on the challenge.

Hey, I went ahead and took the challenge, wanted to test out my photoshop animation skills:rofl:. Tell me what you think ?

Actually, I really like it. Are you willing to work with it though? Hopefully this will help your animation skills…

I noticed that after the blue passes by, the animation skips for a second. Can you try to make that smoother? (I noticed the white part on your avatar has the same issue)

Also, for the text, could you try moving it to the lower left or right corner? I don’t mind if it rests on top of Aang’s collar.

Lastly, regarding the rainbow, I noticed the color is a bit imbalanced. By that I mean, there is much more red & blue than there is yellow, green and orange. If I’m imagining things, you’re unwilling to work on that, or it’s impossible to fix it, let me know. It’s not that big of a deal really.

I really appreciate your efforts sir, thank you very much!


Hey glad you like it, here’s the improved version up here. Yeah I noticed the skip on it to, apparently the key stopping that skip was to duplicate the same end color “red” and put it at the start of the blue. So it will start with red, go through the other colors and end with red. Instead of the way I had it before. Also the problems with there being longer colors than others is the transition effects. For example yellow and orange are similar so they transition into each other much easier. Where as when blue and red transition into each other its much more noticeable (in this case making them appear longer than the yellow/orange etc) since one is darker and the other is lighter. So basically the colors that appeared shorter I made them much longer the ones that didn’t appear shorter.

Daaaayyyyuuuuummmnnn… it looks fucking cool.

TOTAL EDIT: So yeah, there is a little blue blip that occurs on the bottom of the red arrow before it transitions. Are you willing to fix that?

Also, I like the text there now. Could you add one more piece of text? I’d like ||| ||||| ||| on the lower right corner, so it’s balanced with the text on the left.

As I said before, your efforts are very much appreciated sir (as you may or may not have noticed).