Animated Av [REQ]

Have this first one slash the air on any sort of bg you want

then have my name fade in from the sparks in like an electrical font

and have justice teleport away just leaving the name.

if you can make the sprite animations flow smoothly together you get +5000000internets (and mad rep)

well i made something to see if it was possible to make it within filesize limits. and its possible…sort of

the problem? i already cut some corners with the animation its 73.2

with a BG, filesize goes up to 128KB…

if this is what you want then ill try to cut more frames and stuff to lower filesize

EDIT: cut some frames

awesome, thanks alot. the response was quick.

Black bg is fine, and cutting frames I have no problem with as long as the animations still make sense lol

EDIT: Oh also if you could make name a bit bigger that would be cool.

49.0 KB right on the nose…

to be honest i think i could do one with a background and smoother animation if justice didnt have to teleport out :rofl:

awesome :D. Thanks. +++REP

edit: it needs to be 48k X_x

There… It’s 40kb now. Not as great as the original but it’s under the bar.

Don’t worry Domino all the credit is yours.

oh it needs to be 48 KB? ill keep that in mind

thanks providence, they look virtually the same :wgrin:

:xeye: I thought it was 48.8 kb, or did they nerf that last little .8 kb for the limit… dood?

^the .8 does not equal double McRib so Wiz chucked it.