Animated Av Request (1/2 Pics Provided!)

Hey, this is an avatar advertising “T6”, a tournament coming up.

Basically, I want Bison doing his “Paint The Fence”, with Dhalsim teleporting out of it, repeated.

The text should be similar to this
It should have “T6”, “7.15.05”, and “DDC” on it.

Dhalsim Sprites

I’m having trouble finding the paint the fence sprites though… :xeye:

Any takers?

What do you mean by “paint the fence”? Psycho crusher?

Paint the fence is the Bison A-groove custom combo. Where he traps you in the corner and proceeds to pummel you with his fist over and over…aka “Paint the Fence”


Yep… it’s his dragonpunch motion in the CVS series.