Animated AV Request: Free Bacon!

I did have another AV request but didnt get any help :frowning:

I have another AV request which is much more straight forward

Premium animated avatar

Have Dudley standing with his waiter who is standing holding that covered food tray, on the other side Blanka (if possible doing his sitting backflip win pose), Dudley offers him free bacon, blanka jumps at waiter performing his grab bite (loop the bite NOM NOM NOM).

Sorry I do not have any real bacon to give away just pos rep!

*** reads title***

H****eck yeah free bacon!!:rock::rock::rock:

reads request

SON OF A BITCH!!! :annoy::annoy::annoy:

im willing to give it a shot later but im not exactly sure what you want

is it like

dudley, blanka, waiter just sitting there chillin
dudley: hey blanka want free bacon
blanka: headbite waiter nom nom nom a few times


loop of blanka headbiting the waiter with NOM NOM NOM somewhere while dudley stands there saying “hey blanka want free bacon”

im guessing its the first option but just wanna be sure

Yeh the first one, but no need for the “hey blanka” part.

Thanks man!

This will be an interesting AV.

here you go, hope this is what you want

47.8 KB

lemme know if you want anything changed

EDIT: small timing changes, probably not noticeable but it bothers me for some reason

pick whichever you want, or none at all! :rofl:

took a while cuz school’s been pwning me, and i just found out that my arcade has SF4

Yeh thats great man, could you make it so that the last frame lasts for about 3 seconds. :tup:


awesome dood :tup:

:tup:Awesom-o :tup:

Can I ask for 1 final tweak, could you change it to “free bacon sir?” lower it so that its just underneth Dudley’s left glove so that the waiters face isn’t covered and it appears to be him asking the question. Put a simily :slight_smile: above dudley’s head when blanka does his little laugh, then the rest is perfect!!


its pretty easy to tweak stuff so if you want any more changes lemme know

Thanks man great job!! :rock: