Animated AV request...

just wondering if i could get an animated AV w/ this pic

and have the text animate in from the sides to the corners they show up in the pic…then switch to this pic…

and have Saint Connor in one of the bottom corners…if the switch could be a fade that would be awesome…but the real challenge is if you can get this 120x120 and under 98kb…this is for another site btw but my comp is messed up and PS isnt working well atm so i cant do nothing on my own til i get it fixed


I don’t think theres any way that would look decent on a normal avatar size, that text would be sooo small. What I recommend is two differant sections of the original pics, both sized for a normal non-prem avatar, then do this:

Image 1 on
Image 1’s text scrolls by
Image 2 fades in
Image 2’s text scrolls by
Image 1 fades in

well ya know whatever can be worked out using those pics…its whoever does its call…i mean if you can maybe have the text scroll in or something as to be able to make it bigger in order to read …but if someone could do it that would be sweet and id appreciate it much =)


i know it may seem difficult…but the entire image doesnt need to be in the AV…it can be cropped to fit however and alternate text can be added…just want focus on Wolfwood if possible