**Animated AV Request**



Can someone make an animated avatar of pyron using the first link above. If possible can you take the glowing orbs out of the 2nd link and put them in the avatar? (I want the orbs to represent souls floating around pyron, if you have any better sprites that look like souls please use them) I wanted my SRK name P-Soul on there anywhere.

If its doable thanks a lot in advance!

Can’t link to Angelfire

try now

i’ll try this one out.:wgrin:



i tried.

I dont know if Tat Guy was still gonna make one or not?

This is i believe my 2nd AV by you man :lovin: I like it :tup: Thanks!

Tat Guy: If you have already made it by the time you see this post, I will still rock it ! but you dont have to make it if you have not started…Thanks anyway man I will be looking you up for AV’s in the future:cool: Oh and what part of North Carolina are you from?

^ just give me props in your sig this time…

this time? I had you in my sig for a while but i changed AV’s and forgot to put you back, sorry…:sweat: