animated AV request


Hey yo, my request is pretty simple. Take this gif. add my name make it look fancy, add the phrase “more than a man, less than a god” and be creative. I would like it to keep all of its original animation if its not to much trouble and throw in the rest of the stuff at the end. Oh yeah, I used to be a preme but it expired last night. I’ll be getting that back on in a day or so. So be sure to use the extra bytes or if you don’t have to then don’t or you can do both.

Thanks in advance.



I’ll do it. Check back here later tonight or tomorrow.





Sorry it’s not ready yet – I got a little tied up. I should have it done very soon.


Here it is!

Let me know what you think.


Hey man thanks good work!!!:cool: They really need a thumbs up smiley.:bluu:

note to self: Give thanks for tru3tn01 in sig.

Hey, if it’s not to much trouble can you make that blue in the background shimmer?