Animated av request


Can someone take this picture, and make it into an animated av for me? I resized it in paint, and the result is understandably crappy.

What I want is basically the flames in his hand to be animated. If that’s too hard, can someone just resize the top of the pic and give it a decent border ? Thanks.


I can do it.


Sweet! 8000 rep coming your way if I like it. 8000 rep probably coming your way even if I don’t like it.


You give way more than 8000 btw.

you give out like 70k+


I can do math! :encore:



85k now. :slight_smile:

thread derailment ftw


looking for an animated AV w/ an evil face or something to add on to my current av make it BIG and I’ll pay let me know or create 2-3 ideas and let me choose


yo sorry ima do it right now, jus yesturday i was out drinkin n today i had court but its all good now!




Thanks monkeyspank!!!


Repped Monkeyspank for that. It’s hot stuff.


Extra Rep for moneyspank.


Thank you! Glad u like it, if u need anything else just lemme know.


Good job Monkeyspank. Positive rep for you.


Yeah, it wasn’t at all what I had in mind.

…it’s actually much better. :woot:


Nice work MS!


Again Thx everyone!! Ima make some free av’s and put em in that thread in a bit. So if u like em take em xD.