Animated AV Request

I was looking for something to spice up what I already have. I just got Prem (thanks Muff!), and it would be a shame to stick with this av with all the potential out there.

I was hoping for something that had a scene with some people (maybe black video game characters) splittin’ when a cop car or some police shows up; then a the picture of the logo.

Any other imaginations are readily accepted and encouraged. I just wanted to give an idea instead of “Go wild!!1!”

Also, here are some pics of the logo that can be potentially used. Of course, any others are gladly welcomed.

Thanks in advance to all!

^^^^Good look on the backing, man.

Thanks to anyone that helps out!!

raises hand

^^^^^ That would be what’s up.

Can’t wait.


i can make one if nobody else does

as for black fighting game chars…boxer, deejay, raven, birdie, dudley? who else is there?

warmachine, bruce irvin, sean, zasalamel,…piccolo?

ok i made something, tell me if you like it. can make changes if you want

another idea was doing one of those CvS2 team + groove avatars that a lot of people have with the police car and warna brother stuff

EDIT: chopped off a frame, is under file size limit now

49kb on the nose for Prem avatars.

Good shit though.

ok heres another one

48 KB

it would be better imo if i could find a sprite-y police car but i cant

EDIT: whoops uploaded wrong one

I like the first one.

Thanks a lot man!!! That is hot as hell. You got it better than I thought would be done. Good look.:woot::woot::woot:

no problem, glad you like it :smiley: