Animated Av Showcase ( Only )


No, this isn’t meant to be a rating thread ( you could could give props though ), but a Showcase. Talk about what’s happening in your animated avatar. What is happening? Who’s doing what? Effects? You get the idea.

Of course, I don’t have one. Seening some others though would be great. Only Animated Av’s only.


Whoa…how convenient.JUST got done with this av. I made one like it a while back,but I went and got rid of my old work like a doof. Just made the 12:00 flash,but I was gonna do more.Wasn’t too sure about even doin that,but I just went ahead and animated it… :slight_smile:


Well, the Eye moves sideways again and again. Some people on here say it creeps them out. That was intended…


Zoro from One Piece, fucking shit up as usual.


Man, set your vcr clock!! :lol:


:lol: :stuck_out_tongue:


All stuff I have one…



Lava like even…

The Rare Food Card…

Mario does the Ryu…

an Link does the JD…




Captured the Sharingan eyeball from a Naruto vid and made them spin, then captured eyes from some other anime and put the Sharingan eyeball in there.


That lava one is awesome cham. :slight_smile:


That’s cool. But I would like to see colors in the flame LCD like how Fossil watches have in them.


Why hello,Mister… :slight_smile:


That Mario one had me :lol:


something new i just finished…


< new ava of mine.


My new av. Tatsu maki, y’all