animated av

okay this gif is like 900 kbs

if someone could do me a favor and make me a nice av out of this (premium) i’d be more then happy to rep ya.

heres my idea but if you wanna do your own its fine.
have the beginning just be the pilot.
the have it flash/flicker to him holding the oxygen mask
then have it flash/flicker again to him with out the mask
then how ever many cycles of laughter you can get him to do with out crossing the limit

as of course BM on the bottom right and maybe throw a background around him

edit:even him just laughing is cool too.

Here’s my attempt.

Want something changed or rather wait for another one, just lemme know. :tup:

looks sweet but could you do two things?

have the flash be black instead of white

and maybe darken the font and perhaps change it to look a bit more beat up?
i dunno
thanks though although i’ve already repped you.

Edit: I tried but it came out so-so…

And no prob on the rep. Yeah I know you hit me up already. Thanks yo. :tup:

I just do these things for fun…

ah fook sorry, didn’t notice you posted up… got to stop just leaving my firefox open before I post. Need to refresh more often :sweat:

Ah .dub. got your back.

Good lookin’ out yo.

[I’m outta here] :nunchuck:

looks good, thanks sas :slight_smile:


Fuck…I’ve seen this somewhere before, I feel like a long time ago. Anyone know where it’s from?:sweat:

you got me, im not too wise on older anime.
just that its a brutal gif

Reminds me of this:

Pretty gory animation.

i like the white flash one more
the first one