Animated avatar help


As everyone knows, changing your av on this site is very frustrating. After I finally got it to change my av, it won’t animate. I read Redbeard’s topic but it doesn’t provide a solution and he gave up on it.

That’s my current av except it won’t animate. If I change the dimension to 200x150 pixels, SRK then says the av is too big… It should be pretty simple but I cant get it to work.


That’s weird, mine is animating but yours isn’t? I don’t know what’s wrong… did you try reducing the size a little more? I did for mine. It’s currently at 100x100.


Well it “uploaded” but its either not animating or it didnt change my av yet. Thanks anyways Chun


Wait nigga :tup:


Looks like yours worked, I’ll have to retry mine tonight and see if its been fixed.