Animated Avatar Request

I want to see what someone can do with this sprite. I want it to stay animated. Give the sprite and the background a godlike complex (flashy lights, power aura or mystic/cosmic looking stuff). I’m really partial to the color blue and I’d like you to add the phrase “More than a man, less than a god”. When adding my name, you can either use my full name as you see it spelled or you can go with the abbreviate version below. Thanks in advance.




I can’t do shit with photoshop so i dont have ur avatar but i just want to know which character and which game that is from?

You JUST got your avatar from Eminent and now you’re asking for the same old cock eyed God complex shit you’ve been pushing for 4 years?

Way to go backwards there.



You just got an avatar from Emiment and now you’re requesting another one, and one in the sorry vein of that god complex you’ve been spouting for 4 years.

I’m with chibi on this one. You just got that one from Eminent, and it was nice to see you acting like a normal person. Please wear that av from eminent for at least 2 weeks before you request another one.

Thank You.

Thread Closed.