Animated avatar request

I was hoping someone can make a 5 frame avatar from these images:

First the Dark Knight logo (cropped from this image but it doesn’t matter where the logo comes from)

Then this comic, make the panels into frames, cut off unnecessary space so it can fit in 160x100.

I don’t know if 5 frames will dither the image too much to fit the filesize limits, if it end result will looks like shit, then nevermind the request.

Thanks in advance, I’ll give you full credit in my sig.

:wonder: It’s been a while since I made an avatar but here’s a quick draft of it:

Any changes you want? Oh yeah, sorry about the plain font, my hard drive died about 2 months ago and I lost everything and haven’t taken the time to put all my old fonts back on… dood!

Yeah that’s what I wanted, but for the first frame I wanted the bat logo and the movie title instead of the Joker. Thanks… uh, dood.

:wonder: I totally read that wrong. Sorry about the mess up, here you go:

Makes more sense now… dood.

Awesome, awesome awesome.