Animated Avatar Request

I know I recently got a new avatar but I have this killer idea for an avatar and I need someone that can do animated avatars.

Take a look at this pic.

You can see 3 smaller boxes within the comic pic itself. Two of which show Bison’s face before and after he uses Psycho Power to kill Charlie.

Well the idea is to take the first pic (before the blast) and take the second pic (after the blast), and let them animate into each other. If possible, could you make the blast brighter and add the words “Daemos loves” in the first pic (before the blast) and the words “PSYCHO POWER!” in the second pic. :smiley:

Thanks in advance to whoever is gonna do this. :slight_smile:

Hello? :frowning:

Oh come on! It can’t be that hard. PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR COATED CHERRIES ON TOP! :frowning: