Animated CvS 2 Avatar request


Could someone make me an avatar with sagat doing Fierce punch high then low, with a k-groove meter?If possible, have any character gettin guard crush when the low hit happens? It would be greatly appreciated!!!


Actually, I’ll just take any animated sagat avatar anyone can do.


Anything please!!!


got it


Thank you!!!


No prob. Shouldn’t take more than a few days. More than likely tommorow. :slight_smile:




yeahyeah. I’m lazy. It’ll be done tommorow.:stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry for the wait.

Yeah…some of the texture is recyled…but…geh…


Holy shit thats a badass avatar!!! I like the G-A touch…very nice.Thanks for the avatar!!!


hey man

Hey man do you think you can make me an avi also. The avi you made him looks ridiculous. Can you put ken in their with flames from his dragon punch. Do something creative with that. Or Do someone with a Blanka electricity graphic. Either one of those would be really tight. OR just anything you think is tight with either one of these charectors…your pick. Thanks

P.S. CVS2 btw


hey man

Since you requested, I’ll just take that as a compliment. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re going to have to take whatever Ken or Blanka sprites I have on my cd. Seeing as how seems to be down. :frowning: But, don’t worry. I got the most requested sprites and the ones I personally like.

Hope to be done soon.


hey man

*Originally posted by nonsenx88 *
The avi you made him looks ridiculous.

Don’t hate on the av…oh…and its ‘characters’…not charecters.


Got some backup. Thanks.:smiley:


With the whole “ridiculous” thing… I’m not sure you really want an avatar…but it’ll be posted tommorow. Gotta make sure it still looks good in the mornin’.:stuck_out_tongue:







Hey man when i said ridiculous I meant a good ridiculous not a bad one. Ridiculous meaning wonderful, innovative, creative. That kinda ridiculous. Ill try and give you my slang dictionary…its written in pencil. Thanks alot for the avatar too man. ONce again another “ridiculous” avatar. HAHA sweet.


Yeah. I figured you meant “ridiculously good” since you actually requested from me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you like. Got some more stuff to do.:smiley:


hey can u make me one with akuma bison ad a big sagat with k groove written on the bottom.