Animated forum avatars by DreamState83

I am a pencil artist at heart, but sometimes I feel like screwin’ around with photoshop. These are nothing new or innovative, but I do try and take a characteristic approach to display a character in the proper way. Anyways here are some avatars I made that are fit to the proper limitations of the forum. Let me know what you think and I might actually spend some time on making more that are a bit more artistic =]

Please Note: This thread will be worked a little different then the avatar request threads that we have here on SRK. You are more than welcome to request an image, but that alone doesn’t mean I’ll do it! I have an active life and don’t want to disappoint 40+ posters by being unable to keep up with demand! I might pick and choose. I might skip you. It isn’t because I hate you :slight_smile:***
Think of it like a lottery

Available Templates:
**Just send me a PM with what name you want on the avatar and it’s yours. Only the first PM gets it though, gotta keep them one of a kind =]


Claimed Templates:
**This one was made for a danvatar competiton. Claimed afterword by JeremyH.


For Me:** First one I made, simple image rotation of the characters I had planned to use at the time:

Once I started getting more comfortable with C.Viper, I decided to take her character to the pics, but I was bored of the copy paste images all over this forum. I figured I’d try to capture a bit of her “fiery side” through some well placed reflection/glow, while adding some life by making her blink from the intensity of the fire:

I love the above avatar a lot, but I wanted something more subtle. Something that played off the image a lot of you guys actually have for Viper. Maybe something a bit more, I dunno, vogue:

Satisfied with the final render for my Viper avatar, I decided to throw in a change of pace for the time I put into Abel. That is one angry guy with a lot of secrets. His relation to Seth is vaguely mentioned in the story, but one unmistakable trait of the two lends to their eyes. Abel is one bad mother alright, and his eyes speak louder than any words (If you have no clue what I am talking about, watch his eyes next time an Abel player pops an ultra):

With BlazBlue coming out, I wanted to design an avatar based around Rachel Alucard. This time around I wanted to go for something more bold that would fit in well with the anime design, while still retaining my previous manner of style. I opted for a stylized crop to show off her cloth but without showing her face. I also attempted to find a font for the username that would mesh well with the rest of the image. The final stage was to add streaming particles from my username to make it pop. After the particle effect was obtained I decided to go for something a little more original - overclipping the username so that it appeared to be an element that layed on top of an avatar. I feel that it brought a whole new dimension to the avatar.

With SSF4 capturing my time, I’ve decided to do a quick pic of Juri, full of glowing goodness. It’s quite simple but effective. I’ll probably come back to it when I am not so busy playing the game or working (oh and sleep/food or something like that!)

***[original image removed…]***[INDENT]I decided I wanted to go for more of a toned down stylized appearance with more emphasis on the eyes. This is the result:

Since I am working on my custom Morrigan stick (modded TE stick), I figured I’d use her as an avatar. I didn’t want anything too fancy, just stylish. I think a stationary image with a pulsing name suits this artwork well:


User Requested:
** 04/10/2009 - 11:00PM EST
Made this one for a friend, playing on Rufus’s weight. Stare into his blank eyes. This man is serious about 3 things - food, fighting, and talking. Never all three simultaneously, however:

04/11/2009 - 12:57AM EST
Made this one for Pskelly and his Akuma. Akuma’s got the evil attitude so I found a picture that fit the bill and threw in a good old taste of his demonic attributes:

04/11/2009 - 1:22AM EST
This one’s for Dubh13. All our friend dictator needs for a bit of flare is his psycho power. Add some “special alert” backdrop and some psycho particles escaping his eyes and we have ourselves a super villain:

04/11/2009 - 2:14AM EST
For MasterKojiro. Cammy doesn’t have psycho power nor a desire to gain weight, so she’s gotta let her eyes pop and hit some wind action ala “stage beauty”:

04/11/2009 - 3:53AM EST
PhinnyCupcakes provided the image for me to add some nomnom effect to:

[INDENT]REVISED 04/17/2009 - 4:41AM EST:

04/11/2009 - 7:51PM EST
Made this one for OJ4. Elegance and grace encompasses this SF4 beauty, so I opted for subtle particle effects and a slight breeze. Premium size restraints used as per poster’s request.

04/12/2009 - 4:41AM EST
I saw a post that MagnetoManiac was in need of a new avatar and took the liberty to spot one up. No clue if he actually wants to use it, but it’s the artwork he provided publicly. I guess we will find out if this perspective of Chun-Li is worth the avatar spot =]

04/17/2009 - 1:36AM EST
A fellow Viper player DrumsAreNeat wanted to see some of her electrical side brought out, and that’s just what I did here. Custom electricity and charge animations, as well as a glare from the light were added to achieve that shocking appeal. The artwork was snagged from google.

05/15/2009 - 11:05PM
This one was requested by a fellow Star Ocean fan, Dasvanu. It’s obvious to see why I opted for a vertical rise particle effect, and the hue changes blend together great between the primary colors of the character’s hair and clothing.

Here is an alternate version. I opted to turn the background changes into more of a pulsing effect then a fading effect in an attempt to squeeze more color quality into the avatar size limitations of the board.

05/02/2010 - 3:00pm EST
Went a little more bold with this Dudley AV for forum goer Filbert. Enjoy your ‘rising star’ AV!

05/04/2010 - 1:40am EST
Attempting to capture Adon’s focus in combat, I gave him a charging animation for Jester’s premium sized avatar request.

05/05/2010 - 2:00am EST
This one I owed to a friend. Placed Makoto against an abstract background and gave it a simple glow.

05/13/2010 - 4:26am EST
User submitted artwork. They requested a dub of the bison glowing eyes, and thus I delivered. Added a glowing color matched name so that the psycho empowered eyes didn’t look out of place.


I think these are really neat. I like the last two the best. They are simple but not boring. I think the first one is too busy for my taste and the second one is…oddly creepy lol. I would gladly use an Akuma one done by you. :slight_smile:

I like them.

From avatar maker to another, you sir, have my thumbs up of approval.

I had to lower the color count to get it under the 19.5 limit, but I think it came out nicely =]

those are quite awesome, I’d love to see what you could do with Bison(Dictator) or Vega(claw)

Wow those are soooo cool. Do you think something awesome of Cammy could be in the works? I’m really diggin’ your style.

Awesome work man! I’d rep you if I could!

Was wondering if I could get Vega… holding a cupcake… On fire (the cupcake, not vega)… I’ll supply images if you want, buddy.

More to come tomorrow night. Until then I gotta sleep/work.

Wow, these are great…well done sir :tup:

Alright. well heres some images

I know that the cupcake has to be held at a weird angle, but whatevs…

Btw, I’m not really diggin the flaming cupcake anymore. Vega needs some Om nom noms though.

I’ll figure out your nomnoms (nohomo) if you don’t find something :slight_smile:

By that I just meant some text of him going om nom nom =/

but did you mean you wanted more cupcakes?

Oh, it was just confusion. I thought you desired a different type of nomnom, such as a different type of food :stuck_out_tongue:

I used the image you provided as requested :]

My lord… You’re amazing… Thank you SO MUCH!

I’m glad you like it :smiley:

But what is he eating? looks like he’s chompin down on his fingernails. you cant really see a cupcake

That’s a good question. I figured since you weren’t feelin’ the cupcake idea anymore that I’d just have him cup what ever he’s eating in his fist. For all we know it’s bagels? :stuck_out_tongue:

no no no , the cupcake ON FIRE is out. Cupcake regular im still for
Honestly, who would BURN a delectable treat?