Animated Gif Modification Request

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could modify this image so that it fits SRK standards to be worn as an avatar. Thanks in advance!


man your still waring the av i made for you…lol

i’ll look into it but if someone can beat me to it, be my guest…

i will say that that is alot of frames… gonna be a bit hard.

Yeah. I kept this avatar because it’s too good.

I know the gif I posted has lots of frames, however, if someone could cut some frames and be able to pull it off I’d appreciate it.

Cham: Lets say this doesn’t go as planned, will you make me a new avatar? :smiley:

This was my run at it… a bit grainy though…

anyway, if you want one done, i will do it… just give me something to go with and we’ll put something together for you.

Ah, thanks.

I’ll sport this for a while and maybe message you some time about getting a new SF related avatar.