Animated GIF Request


In need of a new gif but I can’t seem to figure out how to import gifs into my version of CS4 =/

Could someone edit this gif so it just loops the bit with batman’s face spazzing


I made two. One with the first two frames having his hand in it. It annoyed me, so I made a second one just in case it annoyed you too ;). Lemme know if you want any adjustments.

Handy (with hand)

Handjob (without hand)


Nice one. I’ll like to use the one without the hand, can you try reducing the file size to 50k? You might have to cut out a few frames.



I can either cut frames or see what lowering quality does (without destroying the picture). Pick your poison :wink:




I admit, I’m newer to the .gif making business, so if it’s not the turnout that was wanted, I understand. :slight_smile:
Tried to keep all the jauntiness in what frames were saved. This should be at 47k according to my program.

And a tad slower




Ah I have found the creator of the Batt-JizzFace-AV. GJ. GJ.