Animated "Jpeg"?


I know must people use animated gifs, but can you make animated jpegs? If so, what program is good (good meaning user friendly) for doing this?


Nice question.But, I have your answer.

Impossible. :smiley:


Technicly your right Cursed Ryu, but there is a way to have some kind of animation of jpegs. You can use a PHP script to create a series of jpegs to animate at random. It’s been done ever at Tagmonkey for the banners.


but at tm the banners only changed when you clicked on a link and a new page comes up. pen put it into a folder and it pics a random image to display.


true indeed. I think everytime you refresh it changes too. But yea thats the only way I can think of a jpeg animating. Other than that theres no way.


wut the harm in changin it to a gif file?


none really if the image is
less than 256 colors.

But of course we all know jpg r the sucks and png will take over…


My cell phone allows me to upload .jpeg and .png format pictures to it’s walllpaper.

I know it supports animated pictures, but if you cannot animate a .jpeg or .png, then I’m screwed with that.

I can view animated gifs in my phones browser, but I want one on my wallpaper!


Good luck with that. I think *.png has limited animation support, but don’t quote me on that.


Get high off of some drugs, bash your head against the wall a couple times, or wiggle the monitor to get Jpegs moving.


psychosquall that av is a beast!!! why are your avs so godlike?


Yea, me and my bro found it hilarious.

And about the Jpeg:

Acually, you can animate Jpegs and other usually static image files using javascript.

Here is an example


PNGs can be animated. Animated PNG images are callend MNG.

That way you can get rid of GIF’s limitation of colors.

The problem is that I don’t think that MNG is widely supported yet. Mozilla took it off because the library was too inefficient, and Internet Explorer can’t even display normal PNG correctly.


Can someone post an example of an animated .png?

Prefereably something small (50 x 50) so I can test?