Anime Castle Flushing NY Street Fighter 4 Tourney 04/17 and Brawl Tourney 04/19

Well the last tournament we had went a lot better then the first Tournament we were able to do the brackets a little better and we didn?t leave at a crazy time?Bringing in another system helped so we are going to bring in even more to help speed things along and we decided the next tournament we do will be 2/3 matches and rounds from the get go.
So I would like to announce 2 more Anime Castle tournaments. The Flushing Store will be having a Street Fighter 4 Tournament on Friday April 17th at 5pm and a Smash Bros Brawl Tournament on April 19th 1pm. We will also be offering Casual Play for people who come early.
Entry for both is 10 dollars…Smash winner will receive a video game of their choice and the Street Fighter 4 winner will Receive a New Hori hrap3 for the PS3

April 17th and April 19th tourney will be held at Anime Castle Flushing
35-32 Union Street Flushing N.Y. 11361 The trains near me is the 7 and the buses are the 13,20, 44, 16,14,28
April 17th for street fighter 4 tourney
5:00pm please be on time for the tourney.
April 19th for the smash brawl tourney
Starts at 1pm
Entry Fee
10 dollars to enter each the tourney if you would like to just come and see it you can.

Tourney Format
2/3 rounds and matches double elem winner’s loser’s bracket, Street fighter 4 is being played on the ps3 we will have multiple systems and hori sticks but not enough to go around so bring an arcade stick and controllers if you need them
The winner for smash will receive a video game of his choice…as long as it doesn’t include a guitar or a drum set. The Street Fighter 4 winner will receive a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 Fight Stick HRAP3
any questions please contact me at or call the store 1347 438 1296

Ill be there. also you wrote FS on top and HRAP kind of confused

u no im there

yea its a hrap sorry ill fix the post

bumper cars

Im in. Also I’ll buy that stick off the winner for a reasonable price, seriously.

i might need 2 ps3’s with street fighter 4 with hdmi cables if you happen to bring one in ill knock a few dollars off the entry fee.

I don’t have any ps3 items, but i’d like to join this, Would it be fine if i went and borrowed the ones you guys are passing around? Or would I be DQed if it’s my turn and theres no stick to borrow? I’ve never really done these before so I just want to be sure.

no you wont be dqed we have to sticks for the store and a few controllers.

Alright thank you.

HuggyBear will be in the building

i forgot i have to go to cali for the gamestop tourney. fuck… maybe u can send an early pm to arturo or javitz.

In there like swimwear.
What time is reg? Also, how many people are signed up?

im there to takeova :slight_smile:

reg starts at 4pm thats when casuals start too

I’m gonna get some revenge, and I’ll definitely bring a six-axis controller.

might bring my ps3 to help out andget a nice entry discount bc im broke lol

fuck this is sick, I never knew SF would make it to flushing of all places lol. I work on Fridays (on Northern BLVD) so im going to try to get out early and head over.

Maybe I’ll show and bring a few CF friends with me.

I’m in there for sure.