Anime Castle Flushing NY Street Fighter 4 Tourney 04/17 and Brawl Tourney 04/19


ight ima be there between 3:30-4:30.will bring my ps3 so things can get done faster.

What time is this expected to end?

most likely 7:00 to 7 30 at the most since we’ll have alot more ps3s

yea im guessing around 8pm 8:30pm

2 friend of mine, little brother and me are deff coming hopefully there no traffic and i can make it a bit early like the past but just incase there is we shouldnt be more then 10 min late

thank you everyone for showing up was the best tourney we ever had.

ressuuuuuuultttttts :rock: here are the loser finals winners finals grand finals and bragging rights for the 1,2,3 place players.