Anime Castle Flushing NY Super Street Fighter 4 and Blazblue tourney 08/14/2010


Anime Castle Flushing is having a Super Street Fighter 4 and BlazBlue Continuum Shif tourney on Saturday august 14th! After getting super hyped from watching evo i decided that i needed to do a tourney again and cant wait for you guys to show up and kick some serious ass! Store venue fee is 5 bucks and then 5 dollars for tourney entry. Pot will be split up 70/20/10 and if i get a good amount of people ill do some other stuff too
so here is the basic info for the tourney hopes to see you guys there!
may 1st tourney will be held at Anime Castle Flushing
35-32 Union Street Flushing N.Y. 11361 The trains near me is the 7 and the buses are the 13,20, 44, 16,14,28
saturday august 14th
2:30pm casuals starts
3:30pm Super street fighter 4
Blazblue 6pm
Please be on time for the tourney you want to be at once we do the brackets and actually start its to late to enter.
Entry Fee
5 dollar venue and 5 dollar pot for each game
Tourney Format
2/3 rounds and matches double elem winner’s loser’s bracket, Street fighter 4 is being played on the ps3 we will have multiple systems and hori sticks but not enough to go around so bring an arcade stick and controllers if you need them
The Street Fighter 4 entry fee will be split between First, Second, and Third 70/20/10
if i get a decent amount of people ill also throw in some bonus prizes
any questions please contact me at or call the store 1347 438 1296


I am there


thanks dude want alot of people for this so i can actually do more of these.


Oh noooo summerjam is on the same date, oh well ill make the next one of these


you think i should push this back a week or forward a week?


whichever is better for you guys, but i suggest keeping tabs on other tournaments in like the tri state area or so

you want a good turnout so a weekend where there isnt a major in PA or something would be good to have one of these


I’d probably join. Don’t know how I’m gunna get a PS3 fighterpad though.


You need to learn how to layout your information. It looks like a mess.


are PS3 Dual Shock 3 Pads allowed? Also, if tournament date is changed, please inform us. Thanks

note: Your zipcode is incorrect, the FLushing zipcode should be 11354


Yeah, they are. The former tournaments were mostly pad players.

I’m probably bringing 2 friends to this. :slight_smile:


Gonna try to make it out to this as long as i don’t have work


Antishoto, please mention the rules you are planning. I think people who are planning to attend deserve fair warning of any rules that aren’t commonly instituted in other tournaments. I know I was caught off guard the last time.


i’ll be there


ill be there first tourney ever! :smiley:


Post this on dustloop and or else you’ll probably get about 4 people for BBCS. Then again, it’s summer jam, so there may be a small turnout anyway.


Is this tournament still happening?


Yes So Go To The Tournament And Have As Much Fun As You Can…:wonder:


I’m there, as long there are enough Hori sticks to go around.


thinking about going to this…


Ill ask again… is still tournament still happening? Doesnt look like I can make it to summerjam, so I guess I will go to this if its still happening.