Anime castle weekly smash sfiv and other fight game tournaments!

Anime Castle in 35-32 union street in Flushing N.Y. is having a Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Smash Bros Brawl and Street Fighter 4 tournament every friday at 4:00pm.

Entry is only $3 and prizes could be anything from manga, figures or dvd’s!. Come on by and show Anime Castle your moves!
rules for brawl
no items or smash ball 3 stock single elim till the final round where it will be played 2/3 controllers will be provided for you
street fighter 4 is single elimination arcade sticks will be provided.
tvc single elimanation classic controllers will be provided.
phone number for the store is 347-438-1296 if you have any questions

Will I be able to participate in Brawl and SFIV?
I’ll go this week, if it turns out to be great (which I trust it to be), I’ll bring some friends next week.

Um, will TVC have sticks by any chance?

you cant enter every tournement and we play on classic controlers for tvc…we are thinking about having a big tourny for tvc and give away a fight stick for it though