Anime Central 2007 Tournament "NOW FEATURING CASH PRIZES" May 11th - 13th

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This list is now official. If you’d like to see other tournaments or encourage some tournaments to happen, please feel free to post! If you’d like to help run a tournament or have suggestions on what we can do to make the tournaments run more smoothly or better, please feel free to PM me or post here!

THE TOURNAMENT TIMES ARE UP! We’re still in the process of moving things around, so times are subject to change!

Final tournament schedule decisions will be posted at the con!
We will do our best to make sure we keep to the schedule posted here, but we can’t make any guarantees due to any unforseen circumstances!
Anime Central 2007 video gaming tournaments**
Updated 4/7/07

3:00 PM - Capcom VS SNK 2
4:00 PM - SoulCalibur II
5:00 PM - Marvel VS Capcom 2, We Love Katamari, Initial D Ver. 3
7:00 PM - Street Fighter III : 3rd Strike, Naruto GNT 4 (GC) single, Pump It Up
9:00 PM - Guilty Gear XX Slash, Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection

12:00 PM - Super Smash Bros Melee, Guitar Hero II (PS2)
2:00 PM - Beatmania IIDX 12 Happy Sky, Naruto Accel (PS2), Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
3:00 PM - Dance Dance Revolution, DrumMania V3
4:00 PM - Pop 'n Music 13 Carnival, NES Time Attack!
5:00 PM - Guitar Freaks 11th Mix, In The Groove 2
6:00 PM - Super Smash Brothers 64
8:00 PM - The King of Fighters XI, Naruto GNT 4 (GC) double/team
10:00 PM - Duck Hunt

12:00 PM - Melty Blood Act Cadenza, Halo (ver. TBA), Tetris (ver. TBA)
2:00 PM - SoulCalibur III

Tournaments announced, but currently orphaned:
DanceManiax 2nd Mix
Puzzle Bobble (aka Bust-A-Move 1 or 4, TBD)
Fighting game champion
Music game champion
King of the gameroom

Here’s some FAQ’s for you, please read before asking a question:

Q: When will I know of the tourney times?
A: The tournaments will be posted AT the convention, due to many unknown factors with scheduling conflicts.

Q: Where can I sign up for the tournaments?
A: At the convention, the game room main desk will have the sign-ups.

Q: Can I sign up for more than one tournament?
A: Yes. If they are being run at overlapping times, sign up at your own risk.

Q: What’s the Naruto games?
A: The more popular ones are the PS2 one (Narutimate Hero aka Ultimate Hero) and Gamecube/Wii (Gekitou Ninja Taisen aka Clash of the Ninja).

Q: Is there going to be PS2 Naruto?
A: No. It was originally on the list, however we weren’t confident that many players really cared for it, and we were getting to the point where there may not be time to run it.

Q: What’s these “TBD” games?
A: This means there are different versions we can use, and we hope to get the latest versions out, provided it’s out past at least about a month from the game’s release. If a game gets released within weeks of the con, the game tends to be a bit skewed towards the players that bought the game right away, not really making a good level field for people to learn the game. That’s why Smash Brothers Brawl is not on the list.

Q: What about Super Smash Brothers Brawl/SBBB/Smash Bros. on Wii?
A: See: above.

Q: What if I want to run a tournament?
A: PM or e-mail me ASAP.

Q: I didn’t like the way a tourney was run last year, how can I know if it’ll be run the same way this year?
A: Please communicate that with me. Post here, encourage discussion, we want to make a tournament that’ll be the most fair for the majority of players. While more often than not, most tourney rules will dissatisfy some players, the only thing we can do is try to accomodate in the way that’s most fair to test the skill of the players.

Q: I think this game should be on the list.
A: Post up and make suggestions. Who knows? Maybe other people will want to see it at ACen too!

Q: How can games be cancelled from this tourney list?
A: Mainly they’ll be cancelled because we don’t have the system, controllers, or the game. This is why we heavily rely on donations from players like you! If you would like to make a donation (consoles, controllers, games), PLEASE contact us! You may PM or e-mail me if you like.

Q: What are these “Championship” tournaments?
A: We’re going to be holding a tournament encompassing several different games, one from fighting games, one for music games, and one for specific games in the gameroom. We will be posting details very soon!

Q: You should schedule around the Masquerade/Soap Bubble!
A: We are aware that attendees want to attend our headlining events. Unfortunately, this also puts major time restraints on our events, so we try our hardest to avoid scheduling the big tournaments during these events, but there’s only so much we can do.

Q: What about Dragonball Budokai?
A: Unfortunately, there’s a lot of deliberation about the Budokai series. Until we can get a definitive answer for the game, we will not hold an official tourney at this time.

**Due to popular demand, we’ll be hosting three separate tournaments with cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!

This is the first time ACen has held an official cash prize tourney with entry fees. The entry fee is projected right now at $5 a head per game, and whatever the end pot is, ACen will DOUBLE it!

If you’re looking to warm up for this year’s Evo 2k7 qualifers in Chicago (hosted by Nickel City in June), this will be a perfect opportunity!**

The following games will be the official pay-to-enter tournaments:

Marvel VS Capcom 2 (arcade, consoles may be used to speed things up)
Street Fighter III : 3rd Strike (arcade, consoles may be used to speed things up)
Guilty Gear XX Slash (PS2)

If this is successful, you can expect more of these tournaments in the future with bigger cash prizes!

Conditions for entering the above tournaments:

-You must have a valid con badge to enter.

-To enter, you must (obviously) have paid the entry fee. Fees will be collected at the con, cash only.

-Entry fees are non-refundable.

-All decision by the judges/organizers are final.

-We will try to follow as close to Evo regulations as possible. However, due to the nature of the convention, some modifications to the rules may change.

-All conditions, times, rules, and prizes are subject to change without notice.

Anime Central 2007’s gaming staff presents:

**The ACen X Championship series
What is it?
There are two sub categories, and one overall category:
Fighting games
Music games

You will be doing 5 game mini-tournament marathons, and the entrant with the most points wins!

How will it be run?
All details are still being worked on, but it will be kind of like an decathalon without as many events. Just because you may not be good in one or two games certainly doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance of winning!

The ??? game has been decided, but will not be revealed until the convention!


Why are we doing it?
We know you’re competitive. We know some of you can be awesome in one game, but not necessarily the other. What if you’re not confident? There’s also a 5th game that will be the curveball; it can make or break your win. Don’t think you’ll stand a chance? Try it! You never know whose butt you can kick in a game that someone else could rock on one game, but have no clue how to play the other!

What’s the prizes?
With our sponsors, we’re working on a bigger prize packages than just our standard tournament prizes!

Fighting game championship

Games being used:
Street Fighter III : 3rd Strike
Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection
The King of Fighters XI
Guilty Gear XX Slash

Format: TBA

Music game championship

Games being used:
Dance Dance Revolution
Beatmania IIDX
Guitar Hero
Pop 'n Music

Format: TBA

King of the gameroom

Games being used:
Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Mario Kart Arcade GP

Format: TBA

We welcome your input!

** This topic is for all the Arcade section of the game room.
Attendees are welcome to throw in their suggestions and concerns here.

We are happy to welcome back Nickel City to ACen 2007! There has been some changes to the game list that’s being brought in. ALL NEW OR ADDED GAMES ARE IN BOLDFACE TYPE.

The following are CONFIRMED:

-Marvel VS Capcom 2
-Street Fighter III : 3rd Strike
-Super Mario Kart Arcade GP
-Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
-Initial D Ver. 3
-Dance Dance Revolution Extreme
-In The Groove 2
-DanceManiax 2nd Mix
-Time Crisis 3
-Pop 'n Music 14 - Fever
-Pump It Up NX
-Guitar Freaks 11th Mix (may be downgraded to session link play with DrumMania)
-DrumMania V3 (may be downgraded to session link play with Guitar Freaks)
-Beatmania 6th Mix (may be upgraded to The Final)
-Radiant Silvergun

The following games are being worked on:

-Para Para Paradise 1st Mix PLUS
-Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA
-Chase H.Q. 2

Regrettably, due to some shipping and technical difficulties, Beatmania IIDX arcade will not be at ACen.

Please feel free to post any comments or suggestions (preferably constructive =P)!

Thank you!

For any additional information please go to the following link HERE

How many people are expected for marvel? I’d go, but if there isn’t enough interest to compensate for the $50 badge I’d have to get, it wouldn’t be worth it ya know?

I think the best person to ask would be George. Considering he comes to like every ACEN I’ve been too.

I’m kinda surprised that we don’t have more IL input on ACEN, especially his!:confused:


There aren’t a lot of people thrilled about the idea of having to have a badge to actually enter the money tournaments… but we’ll see…

I always get stuck in the game room whenever I’m at ACen… I really kinda wanna just chill out with people i don’t see too often…

I’ll be there for the 3s tourney. :smile:

Ukyo Tachibana and WickedElement: I’ll make it my business to get some matches in what ever fighting game you guys specialize in. Good times to come!

Hopefully I make it off of work in time, since the dealers hall closes at 7pm on Friday.

Jester and I will be there representing EX lol

Can we please play some EX2+ this time around, fo realz!!! But Keith it’s always a pleasure hanging out with you anyways…I look forward to it!

Jester…nice to meet you…in advance…LOL!

lol I hate EX2+, but since DreamTR is running it at Evo North on my board, I suppose some practice wouldn’t be that bad.
And you already meet jester 2 years a go lol, along with Sensei and Ybarra.

I’ll throw down in some EX3 myself maybe after the 3rd tourney. :smile:
Anyway, i’ll have my orange exhibitor badge on, a nintendo wrist band, and i’ll be using (FP - Black/silver hair)Hugo.
See you guys there.

Oh man that’s right I kinda rememeber. My bad!!! But yes EX2+ FTW…stop hatin Keith…LOL!!!

WickedElement: I’ll be the black guy that’s really tall and really huge pwning the noobs at whatever fighting game available!!!

Not sure if I played you at all yet. :sweat:
But GGs to everybody I played in 3rd/CvS2/KOFXI/HF/MBAC. :tup:
Hugo ftw! :rock: