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The light novel made sense, and it was probably the only medium that it was decent on. There were a lot of subtext that didn’t translate well in anime, on top of that, a lot of that was in the japanese they used, which made it more confusing when we’re watching it subbed by volunteers. We have many teen life novels in english that would never translate well into anime, this one tried, and I guess all it could do was give us a very pretty package.
I wouldn’t call it shit. The adaption just wasn’t possible.

There are all kinds of people on 4chan. A lot of those are random floating scene kids and girls that whore for compliments (because they think an army of nerds would worship them), a lot of those are average people here and there getting laughs and doing normal things, and the rest are autistic.
If you want to find very otaku, 2chan is where you want to be.

Gah! 4Chan ruins peoples lives. Especially /b/…

Now, Tonho Shiki can kill servants, discuss. sarcasm

No it was shit. Excuses are great but Shaft has been cranking out shit for years now. Not that they’re alone. I think I can name the series I actually enjoyed that were created in the last 5 years on one hand. At least the ridiculous bloat from years ago is over and done with.

I think I can count the series I thought was actually “good” in the last five years on one hand too, but I’ve enjoyed at least 2 shows every season. Shaft had arakawa, madoka, bakemono(it was kind of pretentious at times, but it was super successful). I’m not sure why oldschool fans think quality in anime has declined. Anime has always been shit, it’s digging in a dump for diamonds. After all the anime I’ve watched and actually loved, I think I can count the one’s I think were actually artistically remarkable without using all of my fingers. But I have no problem with being shallow and liking anime regardless.

people like how certain clothes look, and buy it even though it has no remarkable value beyond appearance, things are decided on presentation all the time even though it’s shallow, so I personally have no problem to just kick back and watch something nicely wrapped like K-On sometimes too, even though we all know in our hearts (it’s not that good) hehe. Did you watch Denpa to the end even though you hated every minute of it, or were you hoping like me that it would redeem itself and be good?

Whenever I hear “old school anime fan” I think of a person that only watched anime back then that actually made it to America(dubbed). Then in the present day, with it easier to watch anime as it releases, they are surprised that anime isn’t just the kind of stuff that survived American focus groups, executive meddling and whatnot. I imagine them being mad there’s nothing like Tekkaman Blade anymore.

Might want to catch up on your anime guys. I know David had the article on the front page earlier about it as well.

Anyone made tier lists for the anime that aired in the past year?


The Miku concert was HELLA good and pretty much made me a fan of vocaloids for real. I feel like I finally understand why she is so popular. It’s that she is like “our” idol. Sure she was made by a company, but everything she “sings” is by amateur fans. I already knew all this, but I guess I didn’t really realize what it meant.

Kalafina concert was in a fucking shitty location, but the concert itself was amazing, Have to get their CDs now lol.

It is going to be on BR, most likely a DVD/BR combo like ArakawaS1 is.

Everyone in this thread I’m pretty sure.

This only effects illegal streaming, doesn’t have anything to do with already illegal downloading, and doesn’t effect like, funimation, crunchyroll, or hulu’s streams at all since those are already legal.

Only faggots stream anime.

I’m a faggot unless it’s available in avi.

How the hell was Bakemono pretentious?

Stay poor with your xvid encodes.


Get new computers. Faggots.

the repeating text cut scenes that served no focus other than over-stylization to make it seem deeper kind of annoyed me.

yeahh, and there is nothing like nadesico anymore:( Mecha hasn’t been the same, but I think it can be revived.

They’re just pages from the books.

I know, but it staggered the pace. It was a good try, but we know it’s translated from the book already, didn’t need to be redundant. That’s just a little complaint though. As a whole it was good.

Haha, when I read ‘pretentious’ used to describe Bake I really felt like I was on /a/.

dude I barely even use that word since it’s so overused to label things! at least we don’t go on about x waifu in here hahah

I dont understand how people can watch streams, you cant make out the action in any anime in a stream, its frustrating.

Good call. I knew the show was gonna be junk from the get-go with the first episode yet still finished it anyway, smh [C].

Anyway those text flashes in Bakemonogatari was only ever there to give the episode’s title card a little dramatic effect really. They go by way too fast to be readable in real-time and you can’t pause on live-TV anyway (perhaps it was even meant to help drive up BR/DVD sales so then you can pause it lol). I personally saw it as a nice little nod to the original source material and for things that they wanted to include in the anime but couldn’t due to time restraints, but with that said i can see how people would get annoyed by it too lol.

This conversation and point comes up every few months in these threads. The smarter folk (i.e. the people that watch current anime) know that anime, in general, is shit or mediocre and you have to sift through a lot of that garbage to find good stuff. Anime was just as shitty back then as it is now, but now that anime is more popular, there appears to be more shit but the ratio of bad to good is pretty much the same.

Sadly this point cannot be reached with those obsessed with MANIME because they’re all mouth breathing neaderthals stuck in the past and still beating rocks together to make fire.

Just another day in the anime thread.