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Hey, where do you guys download your anime?

Tokyotosho is a good place to start with. It has a really simple search engine and covers almost all of the torrent releases when it comes to both anime and manga, be it subtitled or without.

You may want to get a Bittorrent client such as Utorrent to download any of the files there.

I got no time to download! I wanna watch my anime NOW!

No problem, sir. You’ve got streaming sites such as or that could help you out on that.

How about manga?

You’ve got separate sites for this too. You can try any of the following:

Haven Reader
Batoto Reccomended

to satisfy your urge for reading manga.

You’ve told me where to get the anime and manga, but what shows should I watch or read?!

This all depends on the genre you’re interested in. Obviously, a lot of shows tend to combine a number of them, but in general, these shows are usually enjoyed by the anime populace, so do give them a try.

This list will probably not cover everything, but mostly the major (and some minor ones). If there’s anything major missing, do tell.

Many of these shows and manga are already licensed outside of Japan, so if you want to support them, buy their DVDs or books from you local or online retailer whenever you have the chance!

Some series may have a few other genres it can be defined into; and for these, you’ll find 'em in brackets close to the title.

Disclaimer: Before checking the lists as a reference, read this post first.


Fantasy Adventure

Comedy - Romance

Why can't i find a subbed version of tiger & bunny the rising?
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Comedy - General


Slice of Life


Drama and Mystery

Magical Girl


Sports & Martial Arts

Board Games and Gambling

Where can I find news about upcoming shows and other related stuff?

You’ve got Sankaku Complex (NSFW!) and theAnime News Network that you’d might want to check often.

So a new anime season starts and I want see the latest pics and info for each week’s episode. Where should I check, outside of SRK?

The Animeblogger Antenna covers a lot of the bigger anime blogs and has frequent posts by the hour.

Umm…What anime IS airing right now, anyway?

Spring 2013

Older seasons:

Winter 2013

Fall 2012
Summer 2012
Spring 2012
Winter 2012

Summer 2011
Spring 2011
Winter 2011
Fall 2011

Credit goes to Moetron and @Animuchartsfor most the charts.

Anime is bad nowadays. Whatever happened to the good old days?!

Read this.

Anime and manga are for fat and slobbery otaku! Comics, cartoons, movies and everything else is where it’s at!

This ain’t the thread for you then.

Who is Kirei Kotomine’s best bro?


Lookin 4 new anime to watch.. any good 1s?
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Here we go with another thread and another Year


Last ova of Hellsing is out. That only took TEN YEARS!!!


holyfuck youre kidding right

i was 21 fucking years oldwhen that shit started


time to tell my brother, this guy is a fucking hellsing FREAK!!!


Holy shit you guys did a amazing opening post!

Thanks a lot, but I’ll re-post my original post on the last thread that was closed in case anyone has anymore suggestions.

"Sup dudes I need some more shows!

What are some good animes that are on the side of action or with a good conspiracy and occult angle. Also what are the new good animes most people watch these days. I just finished a bunch of recommended animes so I need some new ones to browse through."


Without knowing what you’ve seen it’s hard to suggest and without checking mal I can’t remember some stuff but Psychic detective yakuma seems to be what you’re describing monster is good no occult stuff though.


release date for haganai yet? I thought it was coming out the first week of January. :xeye:


Call me when Dead Man wonderland chapter 52 comes out.



You’ll be waiting like MTH fans wait for a new CD (hopefully this year).

It still saddens me Highschool of the Dead will never be finished, DAMN YOU TSUNAMI!

That aside, Is anyone else reading Cage of Eden? The last chapter was one of those “oooooh shit” kind the series is so good with. I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad that there are only 3 chapters left.


I still love titties. I still think SAO is complete garbage. Kromo is still a loli. NOTHING NEW IN THIS THREAD.


Following along too. Kind of surprised the author went that route with the story until I read that he was ending it soon. I wish it was some other reveal though. Not a fan of this type twist. Still, it definitely got me since I wasn’t expecting it.

On the bright side, after reading Negima, I doubt another manga that I read for so long will have as bad an ending.


Just wondering: Is the manga very different from the anime?
Because the anime…Good lord, that shit was terrible.


I need more tits and ass in my animes, i’m sick of this loli bullshit i hope this trend dies already

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Loli’s are the tits and ass of the future. Nurture and embrace their upbringing for there will only be floppy and saggy tits and ass otherwise.


The Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica vs Queen’s Blade Rebellion crossover special :rofl:


Just finished up the second Berserk movie. Griffith has issues, and awkward sex scene is awkward


Man fucking Hellsing. They all talk to much, but especially the major. What a bore.


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watch precure and utena
sao is the worst shit ever
lolis are overrated as FUCK