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So, uh, Dragon Head.

I can’t think of much else to compare it to but it’s a good story, a real classic, about the end of at least a part of the world. That and human nature. Some action, some horror, some light romance, and a lot of psychological stuff. “Despair” is the word here, though “determination” is as well I guess. Pretty dark and gritty at times but not a constant downer(IMO).

I really liked the art style to this, really felt late 90’s - early 2000’s to me in a very specific way.


Dragon Head was good for me for the first two volumes. I didn’t quite like how the plot didn’t really go anywhere.

Mai a shit. Yume best waifu


The plot went exactly where it said it was going, and when it got there it ended. Which is pretty normal. Honestly the first two volumes had the least amount of plot movement.

I know a lot of people don’t like how some things were left up in the air, or how it was merely a series about surviving and how people react to catastrophe, but I feel like that’s kind of the point.


So got my No-Rin on bluray today (along with Hayate no Gotoku season 2, as well as Angel Blade and Nurse me). And, it got me wondering… Is it really too much to ask for 5.1 Japanese Audio? Obviously 5.1 isn’t beyond you since 5.1 English audio is available. Not that I understand why anybody would use it, but still…

I bet the Japanese blu rays are in 5.1 (and admittedly, much more expensive) but you’d think they’d be pushing for the value added proposition on blu ray, since they offer, through their own streaming service, access to the show for less (No Rin became entirely available the day the blurays came out).

Is licensing it that expensive? Is it a technical issue? There has got to be enough space on the bluray for an extra audio track. Especially since they usually put 9 episodes on one disc and 3 on the other (which i always found goofy, why not just go 6 and 6? or 7 and 6 or whatever? There is no way the 20 minutes of commercials and “special features” is taking up all that extra space).


Don’t be mad you have trash Waifu game.

  1. Magnum-chan is best girl.


Is that one of the peripherals for the new persona game?


Glock-Sama has the best moving accuracy. :coffee:


…You do know there is an actual anime about girls who are literal guns right?
Upotte? Follows the class of the 5.56 caliber assault rifles?
The older high school girls are 7.62 battle rifles and the elementary school girls are 9mm pistol cartridges.
It was decent. Shame there was no nudity until the OVA special.


I’m not sure if that sounds more or less dumb than Akikan…


Glock-sama is lolibait garbage. Deagle-chan’s big, plump bullets are where it’s at.




It was much better than akikan.
It is kind of in the same vein as Girls Und Panzer or C3 bu. Like a more poverty version of Strike Witches, or an ecchi version of Kantai Collection.
Its cute girls and military hardware fetishism. What’s not to like?
It just the art a lot of the times isn’t good enough to be great ecchi. Kanokon, Toloveru/Motto To Loveru and Softenni all had this problem. Good, but not great.It’s like studio xebecs B team were on the job. For reference, Ladies vs Butlers, Maken Ki and To-Loveru Darkness all were much better ecchi, some good definition to those nipples. A lot of the earlier stuff if just nipple color and u shapes.

I don’t get it.


They’re all whores.


Also, why are you referring to Glock as “sama” if Glock is your blushing Kouhai?
Terrible. Immersion Ruined.


Where the fuck is that Glock-sama pic from anyways?


I don’t know where this butt is from, but it’s an anime butt no less.



Think that’s the Macross Frontier movie, seem to remember my mate showing me a scene with CGI cogs and she looks like she could be Sheryl in a costume.

Other girl was better. :coffee:



man speaking of butts I was pretty indifferent to most of what I’m watching this season but this episode of phantom world really spoke to me.