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Just picked up Deadman Wonderland.

Gosh this manga is a real fucking doozy.

So far this manga seems to love those 0-100 real quick moments.

Shoutouts to the first minor antagonist for literally being Balrog from Street Fighter, but in Super Jail.


Gate 20:


I am pretty sure they are going to completely miss the pedophile angle. Like, even his vice secretary was kind of suggesting that he should have chosen love over cold diplomacy. Then he risks pulling the country into a bloody and drawn out war because he is going to marry that girl? I mean, I really don’t think he did it for moral reasons. If he was just concerned for her safety…he didn’t have to hug her, and then hold her like that. Hell, he could have been like “Stop! I have approved that girl’s request for asylum!” and you know…not risk political suicide by committing to marry a girl who hasn’t had her first period yet.
I figure its just going to be another example of showing how great Japan is, because they wait until they are 16 until they diddle kids.

Rewatched Ladies Vs Butlers.
Man, that was a great show. There was some surprisingly nice cinematography here and there. And Flameheart was a surprisingly endearing character. I think it is because her straight faced, honest and animated character contrasts so nicely with Tomomi’s cold, calculating evil. It is also kind of odd to see a drill haired girl be one of the “main” girls in the running, and not a disposable side character used only for the summer home or whatever. It’s kind of a shame too, since they do look stupid, and she looks much, much better in the few scenes where her hair is down.
The subs on this Anime Works (what? they and media blasters are still around?) blu ray are pretty spotty. I mean, most of the time its fine, but occasionally you get really, really poor translations that don’t even make sense, like, they had two translators and one of them, English was a second language. It’s most notable in the first and last episodes.
Also, didn’t include the legendary specials, which is a crying shame. Those were revolutionary.


We did it Manato. We’ve become a good party.

Magic tits isn’t wearing any panties either.


Man, that latest episode of Gundam.

[details=Spoiler]Foreshadowing Biscuit’s death was too obvious the minute Orga told him they’ll talk after they leave the island. It was reinforced when that other lady told him he has all the time to tell him.

I super hate it when animes do that shit. The foreshadowing techniques used are so obvious and it ends up removing any tension from the episode. You have to at least give it a few episodes before you kill said character rather than doing it in the same episode. At least mix it up a little instead of being too obvious about it.[/details]




First she gets her DBZ on against the Ancient Observer


Dude thought he was slick with the poison, SHE SAW THROUGH ALL DAT.




Dude really though he could block that shit lol. Princesses of Jahad are on another level. Now it’s time for Baam to school White.


Saint Seiya is HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE on latin america, only rivailed by DB/DBZ
You can bet your ass that i am a fucking fan of it.
Outside all the spinoffs i have tio say that Lost Canvas is my favorite.
The only thing that i liked of Omega was that Ikki’s badassery was outrigt stated on it, not that anyone who is paying attention wouldn’t know.


Fuck why did I click that gundam spoiler…almost as bad as that cheap ass tower of god shit…can you even tell what is going on in those pictures? Dude looks like he just sneezed a bunch of speed lines onto his monitor and called it a day…

@Hecatom don’t they have a lost canvas anime or am I tripping?


no but for realz that tower of god look bootleg as fuck get that shit outta here lol…nigga need to study some old school marvel comics to properly display his action and work on the stances and poses of his characters…that shit is awful.


Lost Canvas manga is pretty tight. Saint Seiya - Sanctuary had some badass moments. Chikyuugi da bes


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Ok I like grimgar now. Dat Yume ass too good.

Anyone watching Schwarzesmarken? How is it so far? Only seen ep 1.


Were there any animes that made you sad when they finished?

No-Rin has a nigga feeling that way. It was a fun and feel good experience from start to finish; though the typhoon episode left a lot to be desired. Seeing a “The End” splash screen with the main cast lined up at the end of the last episode kind of left me in despair, like they weren’t going to make another season.

But, it may get an S2 since MGF renewed interest in the show, that and the manga is still on-going.


For me it was Aria. Those last few episodes were amazing and had a huge emotional impact. Heck the whole last season was great.


When Yu Yu Hakusho finished I was sad. ;__;


All the animes I like will never finish…


sad that they ended or sad because the actual ending was sad? lol


Sad because they finished.

Old 4th-grade-reading-comprehension havin-ass moolie.


Gurren Lagann. The Dai-Gurren Brigade accomplished so much over the course of the series, and then they had to just walk away from it all with no reward other than the knowledge that they did what was right. Even though it was genuinely for something bigger than themselves, it really put the “bitter” in that truly bittersweet finale.


shut yo ole the only nigga alive whos stream gets less views then Beta’s ass up.

when Kuroko ended I was hella sad. no more hype.


All the fucking time.
I’m only now starting to come to terms with Love Live ending. I didn’t cry when the tv airing finished. But I wept and wept watching the final episodes of bluray.

This is the difference between casuals and people who actually love anime. It is real life, honest to god love. What scrubs feel for friends and family, a significant other, a pet or even god is what a true anime fan feels towards anime. These are my friends and family. A never ending cascade of beautiful characters reborn every season. Every parting bittersweet. Every new series like meeting an old friend.

Casuals complain that too much anime panders to sad life otaku and moan about how the shows or genres they like can’t get more attention. Well, you want to know why nobody is making it?