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Spoiler for people who are up to date with Abyss manga and anime, seriously I fucking warned you edition.


Is Hawkingbird being sarcastic or has the fight with Bondrew and his turning his daughter into one of his cartridges not happened yet?


gonna need to check this show out, did not look at the spoiler Iduno just a few guys have mentioned the show now.


I haven’t bothered with Abyss because it sounds like another show where the pull is “look at these cute anime characters. Now watch them die.”.

I’m no snob, but it’s too shallow for me from the jump. If it had something else good about it, then smacked me over the head with it a couple episodes in, I’d be down.


The anime shows Nanachi’s flashback and the elevator scene. It ends right as they finish preparations to leave her house. Pretty sure he’s being sarcastic still.


@Iduno don’t worry. I’m being sarcastic.


Honestly, you sound like the one being shallow here. lol. The pull isn’t about cute characters at all, and after watching the show, I feel it’s very apparent the art style being cute is intentional for thematic reasons. There’s a lot of themes about innocence, adolescence, and children being forced into the adult world before they’re ready, which the cute art style lends itself very well since the main characters are children. If you enjoy drama, adventure, and fantasy type shows, Made in Abyss should not be passed up.


I mean if they don’t want to watch it then fuck em lol. Rather not have to read stupid ass reactions to the show from people with taste cancer.

Speaking of which, not sure if I want to ever start watching kekkai sensen again, I only ever saw one episode that I even liked and that was that silly ass chess episode. I just couldn’t get into the main character. Dude was super lame. Story was way too random anime shit with no plot and all style(great animation for sure) and zero substance. Can’t believe the guy that did Trigun made this show. Even Excel Saga has a more coherent plot and easier to follow narrative XD.

Dimension W is more what I would have expected that show to be like and I found it to be a better show overall with characters that were more than just cool. Dimension W was also a great looking show as well, need to pay attention to the studio that made it. Between that and Princess Principal they(Studio 3Hz) are going places.


Being Penguin is suffering.


Kemono Friends so terrible that it made penguins go extinct. Probably responsible for global warming as well.


Kemono Friends taught a Penguin about 3DPD.
Seems to be breaking new grounds to me.


With Kekkai Sensen I find myself able to most ignore the MC and find entertainment among the other characters. Then, when the MC does something that isn’t super-lame it’s a pleasant surprise. IMO he (don’t remember his name) isn’t actively detracting from the show and there are enough other elements I find interesting enough to stick with it.

Didn’t realize that Dimension W and Princess Principal were made by the same studio. That’s a pretty solid output and I may start actually paying attention to what studios are working on what if they can maintain this kind of consistency.


Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou is different from my expectations but it’s alright. The pacing seems difficult to adapt it into anime-form


^ the show in nutshell. Extreme Iyashikei with an emphasis on exploiting the empty anime watching space that should be your soul. I’d rather have more Flying Witch over this. People gonna think it’s like MIA and get tricked into watching 12 episodes of nothing lol.


Oh btw I was trying to find a new manga to read, preferably one with a retardely op main character or villain to show @million but then I had my soul crushed by the alarming amount of garbage ass isekai manga that are being shitted out now.

Like seriously???

I could probably post at least 2 dozen more but I honestly got tired of looking at this shit.

Don’t forget we even have another one coming out real soon

It’s sad when it comes down to this…


I didn’t say it’s about cute characters. I said it sounds like it’s about killing the cute characters, which would make it generic edgy shit. You say the main theme is about kids being pushed into a world they aren’t ready for yet, and that’s cool. I’m more interested in it now. But then you get people like analpalm over here that just get defensive without actually defending the show. I’ve only heard people talk about the deaths


Lol @ getting defensive. Either watch it or don’t. Don’t be the kind of turd asking if you should watch a show or not and seek out opinions just so you can shit on them. Like literally no one cares about what a person that hasn’t watched a show thinks about said show. Also lol @ generic edgy shit, like give us some examples of what you consider fits that title bro? What “killing cute characters” shows do you watch on a regular basis allow you to even make such a statement? Please name these shows.


“lol I’m not getting defensive”

Here’s a mirror for you to look into

I’m not asking for opinions just to shit on them. I stated that I was gonna pass on Abyss due to preconceived notions of what the show actually is at a base level. We have one person over here telling me that I’m wrong and clearly explaining why. Then we have you.


Yeah just don’t watch it bro, it’s not that big of a deal, no one gives a fuck about your preconceived notions. The fact that anyone even wasted time to tell you anything is more than you deserved as is. My post before wasn’t just directed at you so don’t feel too special.

Anyways these last few pages reminded me of that one dude that use to come in here and talk about how the only good manga was Blade of the immortal and nothing else from any genre compared and it was the only thing worth mentioning in the entire medium XD. Who the fuck was that guy lol, he use to trigger the shit out of dudes in here.


Well in my post I meant that the show wasn’t about killing cute characters period. Death is a theme in the series since the world is constantly threatening, but we’re being vague on purpose to avoid spoilers. There are tough to watch scenes, but they are done well and aren’t shallow “LOL WATCH THESE CUTE CHARACTERS SUFFER”. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for people to get frustrated when someone makes an assumption about the show based solely on the art style, despite the show being considered one of the best of the season, if not the best. The show has a lot to offer, and I’d recommend it for almost any drama/fantasy/adventure fan.


I just want a proper berserk adaptation Something past the fucking golden age arc, not the bullshit 2016/2017 level of budget please.