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With Kekkai Sensen I find myself able to most ignore the MC and find entertainment among the other characters. Then, when the MC does something that isn’t super-lame it’s a pleasant surprise. IMO he (don’t remember his name) isn’t actively detracting from the show and there are enough other elements I find interesting enough to stick with it.

Didn’t realize that Dimension W and Princess Principal were made by the same studio. That’s a pretty solid output and I may start actually paying attention to what studios are working on what if they can maintain this kind of consistency.


Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou is different from my expectations but it’s alright. The pacing seems difficult to adapt it into anime-form


^ the show in nutshell. Extreme Iyashikei with an emphasis on exploiting the empty anime watching space that should be your soul. I’d rather have more Flying Witch over this. People gonna think it’s like MIA and get tricked into watching 12 episodes of nothing lol.


Oh btw I was trying to find a new manga to read, preferably one with a retardely op main character or villain to show @million but then I had my soul crushed by the alarming amount of garbage ass isekai manga that are being shitted out now.

Like seriously???

I could probably post at least 2 dozen more but I honestly got tired of looking at this shit.

Don’t forget we even have another one coming out real soon

It’s sad when it comes down to this…


I didn’t say it’s about cute characters. I said it sounds like it’s about killing the cute characters, which would make it generic edgy shit. You say the main theme is about kids being pushed into a world they aren’t ready for yet, and that’s cool. I’m more interested in it now. But then you get people like analpalm over here that just get defensive without actually defending the show. I’ve only heard people talk about the deaths


Lol @ getting defensive. Either watch it or don’t. Don’t be the kind of turd asking if you should watch a show or not and seek out opinions just so you can shit on them. Like literally no one cares about what a person that hasn’t watched a show thinks about said show. Also lol @ generic edgy shit, like give us some examples of what you consider fits that title bro? What “killing cute characters” shows do you watch on a regular basis allow you to even make such a statement? Please name these shows.


“lol I’m not getting defensive”

Here’s a mirror for you to look into

I’m not asking for opinions just to shit on them. I stated that I was gonna pass on Abyss due to preconceived notions of what the show actually is at a base level. We have one person over here telling me that I’m wrong and clearly explaining why. Then we have you.


Yeah just don’t watch it bro, it’s not that big of a deal, no one gives a fuck about your preconceived notions. The fact that anyone even wasted time to tell you anything is more than you deserved as is. My post before wasn’t just directed at you so don’t feel too special.

Anyways these last few pages reminded me of that one dude that use to come in here and talk about how the only good manga was Blade of the immortal and nothing else from any genre compared and it was the only thing worth mentioning in the entire medium XD. Who the fuck was that guy lol, he use to trigger the shit out of dudes in here.


Well in my post I meant that the show wasn’t about killing cute characters period. Death is a theme in the series since the world is constantly threatening, but we’re being vague on purpose to avoid spoilers. There are tough to watch scenes, but they are done well and aren’t shallow “LOL WATCH THESE CUTE CHARACTERS SUFFER”. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for people to get frustrated when someone makes an assumption about the show based solely on the art style, despite the show being considered one of the best of the season, if not the best. The show has a lot to offer, and I’d recommend it for almost any drama/fantasy/adventure fan.


I just want a proper berserk adaptation Something past the fucking golden age arc, not the bullshit 2016/2017 level of budget please.


Sucks cuz it will prob be another 10 years or so before that happens. Can’t guarantee it’s gonna look good either. You’d expect DBS to have a huge budget, but it looks like shit.

Gotta enjoy what we got…


The Black Clover MC has the worst voice I’ve heard in awhile. Usually I’d give a show like this a few episodes to introduce more characters but I simply cannot stand this guy. Every time he yells it’s like the dying scream of a cat or something and he’s always yelling so there’s no breaks.


Yeah that voice made Black Clover the quickest show I’ve dropped. Couldn’t stand it to the point I stopped watching in a few minutes.


I enjoy UQ Holder still and want to firmly motorboat adult Yukihime at every given moment.


So I am trying to figure out how to get this light novel money. Thinking I am going to make the polar opposite of normal isekai story. An old evil wizard that is trying to become a lich but fucks up in his ritual/has it interrupted by the heroes and it transports him, his familiar, and the heroes to the regular world. Has there ever been a story like that? I know “The devil is a part timer” is close but that’s not even remotely the tone I am going for.


Same. Turned the show off after ~2 minutes.

I would say, based on the genres that they drew from, that RE:Creators is also kind of close to what you’re talking about. Otherwise the only things that are similar are Western cartoons. I would say that Gargoyles is similar and that there are more than a few shows who’ve dedicated an episode or two to a premise similar to the one you’ve described. All this is to say that the reverse isekai genre would seem to be much less close to being choked to death by volume of production than the normal isekai genre is.


Most light novels that we get exposed to are actually refined web novels lucky enough to win the lottery and catch the attention of publishing companies in Japan. There is a huge amount of trashy web novels out there and the vast majority of them are shameless isekai stories with harems and overpowered protagonists in an MMORPG-like world.

Check these links:

Click Series Listing or Series Ranking and skim the synopses and titles of some random web novels here. You will lose your faith in humanity.


Isekai is cancer.



Shokugeki knows what’s up.