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It’s one of my favorite series due to how simple yet entertaining it is. Unfortunately, not all of the food science in it is accurate, or they’re over-dramatized (e.g., honey won’t break down proteins like in the show).


New My Hero Academia chapter dropped on mangastream.

On mobile so I can’t post link


Can’t even front but Kyoani got me excited for their new show.

Wish we could get a Battle Angel show that looked like this so bad…


I got one of the last tickets to watch Heaven’s Feel.


Oh they are showing it at the Alamo draft house? I always forget about that place.


Oh yeah I almost forgot, they remade Kino’s Journey but it seems like it’s actually different from the old show unless I am tripping. @crucades might actually like it if he is man enough.

edit: oic they are doing it in a different order from the original.



This the show?


Yup it’s a remake, good show. It’s episodic like Kekkai Sensen so I am sure your short attention span having ass will love it. It’s funny because it is so chill but then goes from zero to DIE in less than 6 seconds.


Cool man ill check it out and tell ya what I think lol, 13 episodes?


the original was 13 episodes, its one of those stop and smell the roses type of anime, but then shit can pick up out of no where. i forgot all about the remake, will be picking that up.


@“Spirit Juice” someone on Mal said Sao saved the dying anime industry…


Kekkai Sensen reminding me it is just style over substance. The style sucks you in but you always get left with regret when you realize nothing meaningful ever happens.



After what feels like 1000 years, High School DxD gets a fourth season.


Does anyone know of a site that keeps Mangastream releases for prolonged period of time? I’m trying to catch up on My Hero Academia after watching S2.


any good ecchi comedies?


Man, I don’t know how the Gintama anime can do the heavy hitting story arcs from Shogun Assasination to the Rakuyo Battle Arc and then go to filler arcs with no time frame hit up the last and sure to be hype silver soul arc. Ah well. The show has given me some solid entertainment ever since I joined SRK.



^ This is relevant to my interest, please show me more!!!


It’s from A Sister’s All You Need.

For anyone that does decide to watch it, you should know that the first minute or so isn’t what the show is actually about. I think at least half the people that tried it dropped it before they even got to the real story lol.

I’ve been feeling pretty meh about the show so far though.