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^ This is relevant to my interest, please show me more!!!


It’s from A Sister’s All You Need.

For anyone that does decide to watch it, you should know that the first minute or so isn’t what the show is actually about. I think at least half the people that tried it dropped it before they even got to the real story lol.

I’ve been feeling pretty meh about the show so far though.


Lol these reviews.

I feel bad for anime reviewers some times.



The show is pretty unbalanced. There are usually 1-2 scenes per episode where the girls get naked for no reason. The rest of the time they are either drinking, comparing themselves to their peers, or being depressed. It’s from the same author as Haganai so don’t expect much.

Also, I think the show’s message is clear: Genious light novel authors (like me) lead hard lives even with all this pussy in my face.


Oh ho, what is your novel about dawg? Some guy that gets transported to world entirely composed of imoutos?


Also I might drop Juni Taisen if it’s just flashback > Death scene > rinse and repeat. People that have read the LN say that is basically the entire show. Fucking lame, especially with us being on the episode with monkey and the first seconds of the episode are again flashbacks, of her…


I’ve been watching DBS at the gym and Vampire Knight on Netflix talking with a friend on Skype. My sister dug this show eons ago but it was off my radar until I finally decided to bite the bullet and see what the deal is. There’s this weird RE4 aesthetic going on with it mixed in with every single girl in that Day Class being absurdly horny for the Night Class except for the main protagonist, and of course every boy in the Night Class is absurdly horny for her. I feel bad for the vampires though: these dudes are all like decades/centuries old and being put in a “school” where there’s probably not an awful lot more they can be taught at this point. They might as well be in a goddamn prison, lol.


I wrote that from the perspective of the author doofus.

Anyway, I’d rather be taken to a world of magical girls. Make me a magical girl too while you’re at it. Full-dive VRMMORPGs when?


Re:Creators turned out to be pretty disappointing, so I’d recommend people not go through the effort of getting into Anime Strike unless they’re already subbed.

Now I can’t be assed to go through 600 pages so I don’t know if anyone ever recommended Thunderbolt Fantasy back when it aired. Not technically anime, but fun as hell to watch and we should be getting season 2 in early 2018, hopefully.


Awww. I wanted to read your novel :frowning:

Re:Creators was ok to me. Could have used more action but it was still fun to watch when it did gear it up. A lot of interesting concepts in it for sure though.


**AlterGenesis’ Tier List Impressions: Fall 2017
YOOOOO, we back in there! Ratings based on 1-2 episodes. Not including sequels or holdovers, cause if you’re into Shokugeki, 3 Gatsu and Kekkai Sensen, you should probably watch those. Although, fuck Umaru. Why did that show get a sequel?


**A-Tier: **
Children of the Whales
Mahoutskai no Yome (I’m not sure I’ll watch it all the way through, but the concept seems cool)

Inyashiki (lol, old guy turns into Terminator, not too hype about it tho)
Blend-S (a working!! type anime, the gags aren’t as good, though)
Net-Juu no Susume (nothing has really happened, lots of the cutesy shit, but it stars a 30-year old female NEET, so there’s that)
UQ Holder (like Negima? prob watch this)
Houseki no Kuni

Just Because (Yo this show is boring as shit)
Garo Vanishing Line


Anyone else watching this shit? Discuss.


This Inuyashiki show is pretty cool, never seen a feeble old man become the hero via Terminator transformation before, also OP theme is done by the very excellent Man with a Mission.


Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou is the only thing worth watching this season. Mahoutsukai no Yome anime adaptation is kinda weak.


Animegataris might be one of the most overlooked shows of the season. It’s a comedy show about an anime club with a ton of references which is kinda rare nowadays. Characters include:
[] The optimistic newbie - Everyone tries to sway her to their side
] The anime elitist - Rich with vast knowledge about anime history, directors, and studios
[] The LN elitist - Says that books are the superior medium and the source is always better
] The chuuni battle shonen guy - Loudmouth but secretly tsundere
[] The idol lover - Constantly wears idol t-shirts and merch that contrast with him being extremely handsome and successful
] The cosplayer - The mom of the group that provides excuses for fanservice scenes


Lolololol I was waiting for this. Alright, I got some shows to check out.


I haven’t dropped Dies Irae yet so it’s clearly not as bad as Black Clover. -_-
Also, if you think that Dies Irae is trash, may I interest you in Code Realize - Sousei no Himegimi a.k.a. the show that I’m most questioning why I’m still watching it.
That said, I’m surprised that you’re not, at least based off of your tier list, watching Konohana Kitan as it seems like it would be in your wheelhouse.
Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou has been pleasantly surprising in the sense that it’s managed to make the very mundane reasonably interesting.
While I like Mahoutsukai no Yome so far (even the OVAs) I feel that it’s what you’d get if you asked Studio Ghibli to make a series but then instructed them to really and I mean really take their time in letting the story develop.


Of course I can’t watch everything, so I haven’t seen Girls’ Last Tour, though I hear good things about it. So I guess watch that too.

And lol, what makes you think I would like Konohana Kitan , I don’t need that furry jailbait shit. Lol. No interest in Anime-Gatris, so I leave that to someone else.

Knew Code-Realize was gonna be shit, so didn’t even bother watching it, so didn’t include it in the list.


For all the M’s out there:


cute girls doing cute things has been all the rage in the anime world lately, so why not take it a step further and bring on cute girls getting drunk!

Drinking Anime ‘Takunomi.’ Announces Cast Members