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Wonder if we’ll be getting a new forum address. If so, I hope it redirects so Kromo will grace us with his presence when he eventually returns.

For now, let’s all agree that the lore of Kromo is that he is stuck on a boat like Guts. When he finally gets off the boat, it’ll be the new SRK forums he’s discovered.


I finally saw Gantz:O. It was good, but the ending was confusing because apparently you can leave the room until it’s time to go on another mission? Did the anime change that up or what because I don’t remember them ever leaving the room.

I suppose I should read the manga.


Forums saved, anime isn’t. Still trash!


**But But this is the best season, muh waifus!!! muh yuri!!!


But anime tiddy is top tier. Give us your top 10 anime tiddy, Stabby.


Gantz:O follows the events of that arc in the manga almost exactly. Only differences are just shortening or removing some things, but what is in there is in the manga. The manga makes even less and less sense as it goes on and the Osaka arc was the start of it just getting really dumb.


I-i-it’s not I like enjoy posting in here, o-o-kay? Don’t misundertand, b-baka baaaaka!


Anime is indeed trash.

I am weak to yuri though, it’s one of the reasons why I found maid dragon kinda tolerable despite me hating slice of life crap.


Yuri? I’d accept Lucoa as a reason. Or Kanna. The yuri game is way too weak in that show.

Death March whatever is just like Kro said, yuck. I usually wait 4-5 episodes but nah, not on that one.


Enough for me to like it, we had tohru x kobayashi and tohru x kobayashi. Plus there was some character development. Again, I don’t think it’s the greatest anime in the world since I find slice of life boring as shit 99% of time I just found it tolerable.


OMG I almost died choking on my popcorn from laughing so hard.


Damn the last couple of chapters of Someday We’ll Get There really make me wish Namco hadn’t taken the Niantic approach to fixing the framerate issues of local multiplayer for the latest Gundam Vs.


dope as fuck

i think its called Blame if i remember right


Yeah blames pretty decent.

Well FranXX is getting an episode 2 for sure. Not the first time I’ve seen an entrance in this vein but 02 has my attention.


Card Captor Sakura bitches


me irl


Kokkoku 2 is out for anybody watching


Kokkoku seems pretty good so far. OP is dope too.


I thought Highschool DxD season 4 was premiering this season–need more Rias

Anyone else finish reading the rest of the Girls’ Last Tour manga (Chapters 29-42) after the anime ended (anime ends around Chapter 28)?



Same. It’s a mecha show by Trigger that’s reminiscent of E7/Eva. The heroine is also similar to Anemone in both looks and personality.

PSA: There’s a manga version being released at the same time drawn by Yabuki (To Love Ru).

Interesting cockpit…