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wtf…Houseki no Kuni (TV) came out of nowhere, that shit was godlike, i hope it gets a 2nd season


I literally just googled “boobs fate claw” and got results come on fellas. Best part was this was in the image search results.



After watching it I had to read and buy the manga, if it wasn’t for Konosuba Season 2 being 2017 would have been my anime of the year. Shit is incredibly gdlk.


Citrus continues to deliver the Yuri goodness.
And we thought hand holding was lewd. These girls are straight pantsing each other and using tongue.


Been out of the manga scene for quite a few years now.

Can’t seem to find very many new series of the style of Highschool of the Dead, Triage X, Maken-Ki, Freezing, etc from like 8-10 years ago.
Basically looking for series that are very fanservice-y, but still have a non-fanservice-related plot (mostly involving a lot of fighting/action/etc), and where sex is not a prime plot point (not looking for straight-up hentai or anything).

Any recommendations?


the author of freezing makes alot of manga like that, if you look up “Im, Dal Young” you might find one of his other works you like. keep in mind i haven’t read any of his works, but just based on the artwork, description and genre tags of his other works, they seem to be similar.

only thing i have actually read myself that would fall into that catagory is Shishunki no Iron Maiden , but thats less action and more drama/supernatural


Checked out season 1 of overlord. It’s ok but it doesn’t seem like its going anywhere


Damn, just watched the Prisma Illya movie, they fucking knocked it out of the park with this one and weirdly enough it’s probably one where you could actually watch the entire movie without knowing anything about Prisma Illya and pretty much get the whole thing, but you’d also get loads of spoilers if you ever decided you actually wanted to watch it, kind of like jumping on with Fate/Zero.

Certainly washed away the shit taste Apocypha left behind.


Keep thinking of watching the main series of Illya, but then the pedo bait turns me away :frowning: Is it actually worth watching?


Illya is a good, entertaining show. Like it’s a fun magical girl show with some actually good action scenes. There is some sus loli fanservice in it, but it’s really only bad in season two; seasons one and three are relatively tame.


Spirit Juice pretty much said everything I was going to there.



You can’t fool me.



This is the best facial expression I’ve seen in an anime in a while:


Lmao major points to that guy who said he wanted to fuck Shouko


same as here @kaede_rukawa11

spirit juice has one, also same name and av


My vol. 4 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Battle Tendency) arrived in the mail yesterday so I’m all caught up on the current hard copies of the manga. I just need to get around to actually reading them. I’m about halfway through the anime of Battle Tendency. I know it may be early to say since JoJo is (thus far) an 8 part series, but I think Joseph might be my favorite JoJo.

I binged Devilman Crybaby a few nights ago. That was uh… Wow, that one was really something. At one point I questioned if I was high and I don’t even do drugs.

I’ve started buying One Piece manga again. Hard to believe the series is still going at 20 years in. I stopped buying the manga years ago after vol. 8 sooooo, yeah, that gap to fill is huge.


Battle Tendency > Diamond is unbreakable >Stardust Crusaders > Phantom Blood.


What the fuck is the point of Darling in the Franxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, shit is boring me pretty damn badly.

Someone suggest something else.