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rented Short Piece anime film on steam. very lovely animation. recommended. tho i hate that they say the movie isnt the complete story since the game is the final “Piece”
since i dont have a ps3/4…will never play. strange the movie came to steam but not the game. oh well.


Finished Citrus this morning. It’s been over for a few weeks but I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t been able to watch it. Even though the wrapped up everything pretty nicely I still want a season 2 (even though I know there won’t be one)

Uh, Megalo Box is still the new hotness.


im just glad all the good anime this season are not just slice of life stuff, thank goodness.


I’ve updated the OP since some links are dead. On the “recommend anime” I changed the links from Wikipedia to MAL since it seemed better. Not a fan of MAL (ratings and community wise), but it seems better than linking Wikipedia. @PussyStuffer you can copy and paste this in the OP if you want.

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Hey, where do you guys download your anime?

Tokyotosho is a good place to start with. It has a really simple search engine and covers almost all of the torrent releases when it comes to both anime and manga, be it subtitled or without. Other sites that are reliable are or

You may want to get a Bittorrent client such as qbittorrent to download any of the files there.

I got no time to download! I wanna watch my anime NOW!

No problem, sir. You’ve got streaming sites such as or that could help you out on that.

How about manga?

You’ve got separate sites for this too. You can try any of the following: (Mangastream)

to satisfy your urge for reading manga.

You’ve told me where to get the anime and manga, but what shows should I watch or read?!

This all depends on the genre you’re interested in. Obviously, a lot of shows tend to combine a number of them, but in general, these shows are usually enjoyed by the anime populace, so do give them a try.

This list will probably not cover everything, but mostly the major (and some minor ones). If there’s anything major missing, do tell.

Many of these shows and manga are already licensed outside of Japan, so if you want to support them, buy their DVDs or books from you local or online retailer whenever you have the chance!

Some series may have a few other genres it can be defined into; and for these, you’ll find 'em in brackets close to the title.


Akira (movie)
Berserk (manga)
Black Lagoon
Blade of the Immortal (manga)
Bleach (manga)
Blood: The Last Vampire (movie)
Busou Renkin
Casshern SINS
Claymore (manga)
Cowboy Bebop
Dragonball Z
Full Metal Alchemist
GantZ (horror)
Hellsing (horror)
Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star
Hunter x Hunter
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Kara no Kyoukai (movies)
Lupin III
Negima! Master Negi Magi (comedy, fantasy adventure) (manga)
Ninja Scroll (movie)
One Piece
One Punch Man
Rurouni Kenshin (chanbara)
Samurai Champloo (chanbara)
Shamo (manga)
Shigurui (chanbara)
Sword of the Stranger (movie) (chanbara)
Vagabond (chanbara) (manga)
Xam’d: Lost Memories (sci-fi)
Yuyu Hakusho

Fantasy Adventure

The Twelve Kingdoms
Kiki’s Delivery Service (movie)
Laputa: Castle in the Sky (movie)
Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water
Naucissa of the Valley of the Wind
Record of Lodoss War
Princess Mononoke (movie)
Seirei no Moribito
Slayers (series) (comedy)
Spirited Away (movie)
Summer Wars (movie)
Tegami Bachi/Letter Bee
Toriko (action)
Vision of Escaflowne

Comedy - Romance

Kimagure Orange Road
Love Hina
Lovely Complex
Marmalade Boy
Midori no Hibi
Nodame Cantabile
Ranma 1/2
Ouran High School Host Club
Skip Beat
The World God Only Knows
Urusei Yatsura


nah. its not really necessary to copy/paste that since youre links are literally right there under the op.

btw. if anyone can come up with thread title suggestions just @ me


Reposting from last thread for worthwhile shows to check out this season:

Megalo Box
Golden Kamuy
FMP: Invisible Victory
Steins; Gate 0
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
Shokugeki no Soma S3


Tada Never Falls in Love
3D Kanojo: Real Girl
My Hero Academia

Dorei-Ku The Animation
Mahou Shoujo Ore
Mahou Shoujo Site
Devils Line

I’ll update as I progress through the shows throughout the season.


Started binge watching Toradora! Cripes, my feels are all tied up. Almost finished and now I really wanna check out the manga.

Picked up Hunter x Hunter vol. 34. I got some serious catching up to do. The last HxH manga I bought was vol. 7 and that was about 10 years ago.

I’m four volumes into Nisekoi: False Love. Despite not digging vol. 1 at first and knowing this series would be filled with tons of cliches and tropes, I’ve really gotten into it. Since its only 25 volumes, I ordered the ones I didn’t have in separate chunks off Amazon.

The artwork of Blade of the Immortal Omnibus I intrigued me, so I picked it up. Wanted to check out something different.


I created a thread without knowing this one existed. Fuck man.

I binged on A Place Further Than the Universe recently and it’s a great show.


Despite Nisekoi being a harem and clitched girls nonsense it is really good. I loved the anime. I’ve yet to read the manga though. That’s good that it’s finished though. Means I can buy it all at once. :3


i might need to watch that, i keep hearing good things about it. im just a little tired of slice of life though, feels like that was a majority of winter season.


It’s not a slice of life show. It’s an adventure series. It’s generally about the cast going on an expedition to Antarctica.


I found a torrent for Hyakko~

Fucking yes I found a working torrent.

I love the ever loving shit out of Hyakko, what happened to the manga?



If you want another guilty pleasure harem in the same vein as Nisekoi, go check out BokuBen (We Can’t Study). Everyone is just likable all around with plenty of lightheartedness. There’s no locket bullshit drama either.

Fumino is best girl.


Bleach Live Action Trailer 2…


Damn new Lupin going pretty hard, Goemon out there litterally disarming people.


i never quite thought about it, but dam there is alot of food in march comes in like a lion, i get so hungry when i watch that anime lol.


Cool beans. It’s hard to squeeze time slots for these shows now with my schedule, I have managed to keep up with CCS though. Actually, that’s a show that can really run forever if they really wanted to lol.

Unfortunately the site that I watch anime on doesn’t have Steins Gate, so I’ll have to watch it elsewhere


Subs for new Nanoha movie are out. Go watch it and make new friends.


Will they be lesbian friends after?


Finally watching welcome to the ball room. Only a few episodes in but I’m hooked. I love this kinda shit. No shame