Anime & Manga Thread v.6.0 Crunchyroll Sucks Now, Come Back Funimation! Come Back!


def thicc


She’s not even thick.


A girl with a six pack with sexier to me than thickness.


Why not both?


Sadly generally only chicks with implants can have 3% body fat and tits.


Thank god for anime, then.


anyone know where i can watch attack on titan because i dont think further eps will be released to crunchyroll.
also, why does hulu have to suck so much when it use to be so damn great back in the day. more of a question i ask myself then to you guys.



Have a a fun no nut November guys.



Funimation Now, although I don’t know if they will be changing to a legit free model or lock everything but a few of the first episodes behind a pay wall. I really wish they stayed on VRV so I only have one subscription service for my anime consumption.


Wish we saw more of Valmer. Muscles + oppai = please kill me.


Am I crazy or is Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai basically Bakemonogatari Lite?


No I have heard it described as such more then once. Haven’t watched it yet so I can’t say personally.



Sauce of this? For research purposes



Mecha show, but mostly known for fan-art stuffs of the girls, lol.


Reading the updated thread title got me thinking, is it time to abandon ship on crunchy roll? They funded an sjw show, some shady business practices with the anime production companies, and their subs aren’t always accurate or purposely altered?

I stopped using Netflix a while ago because at the time, I watched more anime than movies and they were lacking which made sense to me to get a CR account, but after last spring, their content seems lacking, but maybe that’s due to what is out now.


You can give Hidive a try.

It has a better interface, cheaper price, provides dubs along with subs and has decent backlog of classic anime. They are fairly new they might not have the most current shows and not widely available.


funded an sjw show

I think you answered your own question, dude.