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What show are you even talking about?


I think it’s called high spice girl or something like that. It’s a totally western production, it isn’t even an ounce of “anime”. Which isn’t specifically a problem on it’s own but it is kinda fucked up when you’re on a completely anime focused website and paying for the service cause you’re hoping the creators are benefiting from it.


High Spice would have benefited from it’s MC not being so blatantly an author avatar. Author Avatars are fine in and of themselves but generally you don’t make it blatantly obvious, or they aren’t the MC.

Pulling a Nabeshin takes tact, and High Spice didn’t look to have it.


The biggest issue of High Spice is that the announcement focused more on the creators than the show itself. I don’t gave a shit who’s in the writer’s room when I have no idea what your show is.


Fuk the show.
Fuk CR.
Damn site only took off because people uploaded fansubs on it.


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Need to watch Jormugand again. Shit is solid.

SSSS Gridman is that show that is solid not for the reasons you would think so going in.



I want that movie to be good but I can’t let myself hope lol


so just watched first 5 episodes of Goblin Slayer and then read manga upto its current point. I think its got good potential.

Its a cross between fairly tale and berserk (which is kind of weird but sort of works). Overall its decent, though nothing ground breaking. Its a shame the series is monthly as I would have liked a weekly manga but whatever.

As an aside, I really wish someone would go ahead and translate the rest of Stravaganza Isai no Hime. Yes, its got hella titties but its actually a decent story if you look past all of that (which is hard to do I know as the art work is quite beautiful). Not sure about the racism though i.e black people being almost literally monkeys


The manga is just an adaptation of the novel so if it was weekly it’d catch up way too quickly probably


Jesus Christ, does Index S3 really give no absolute complete fuck about storytelling or pacing at all. The earlier seasons were guilty of this shit too, but holy shit does S3 take the god damn cake.



Before this season was greenlit, they wanted to do a remake instead a la FMA:Brotherhood. That fell through so they tried to have S3 be three cours. That fell through as well because they waited too long. They only have one season to finish all of Old Testament. They are rushing to get to New Testament. I don’t understand why they think this will be any different. Kamachi writes like 3 volumes a year, they are always going to be rushing the anime to catch up unless they go full shounen like Dragonball/Naruto/One Piece/etc. I’m so deflated on this shit. I waited a decade to see this. I was like “S2 is going to be good… Oh, it wasn’t? Well, S3 has all the really good stuff anyway”. And here we are. If you erased everything on the screen that isn’t hand-drawn it’d look like a chapter of Bleach. They take pictures of real life settings and touch them up. Vehicles, mechs and background characters are CG. Saving the money for OPM S2? Fine. Simple shit in the plot requires you looking it up in the wiki because they skip so much stuff. This was the only thing I wanted to see and I don’t care anymore.


yeah i came back into this thread 2 months later and this is what i land on





Is Goblin Slayer really that great?


Do you mean great as in approaching superlatively good?

If so:


Or do you mean in scale?

If so:

Not even 1920s actors’ guild levels without adjusting for inflation.


It does what it does. If you want some ‘grit’ that strives to be on par of Berzerk or Attack on Titan without the backing of a deeper story or characters it is good maybe even really good depending on your tastes.

If characters or deeper story factor in for you I would only give it a shot if you really have nothing else.