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Golgo 13 Single Malt Whisky


So I was reading the high score girl manga anyway - before the anime - and found myself the final raws.

You dont need to understand japanese to understand whats going on. But all I can say is awww gaawdd the feels. I cried manly tears just now. One of the most charming and endearing mangas ever.

As a side note, the anime really brings this to life. Normally I dont want the anime of manga im ahead of but this is an exception.

Also am guessing the anime skipped a bunch of stuff lile Oonos sister?


The anime hasn’t reached Onoo’s sister yet.



All are good, although my top pick would be Witch or Sword Maiden.


Golgo 13 is Platinum.

Because >>>>> Silver and Gold. :coffee:


Anyone here reads Dr. Stone?


Yeah, it’s not bad. I wouldn’t say I love it yet or anything though.


Yeah its fun. Its a different take on the shonen genre. Also not sure how accurate the science is but you learn a few things lol.

Also goblin hunter does have some sort of harem vibes to it. Best girl is almost always usually the girl thats loved you from the start aka redhaired girl. Tho personally Id go for the elf as a) shed be young for the rest of your life and b) ive always liked the tomboy types which can be your best bud.


This is cool I guess?


I just hope they include the movies as well.


If it where still 1998 that would be pretty cool.


lmfao hopefully not the original ones…talk abotu a clusterfuck


They’ll have to include the original movie as it’s the ending of the series.


i dont care, i was set with the anime ending…like old school weird ass gainax before they went full on big titty mode.


Fuck the anime ending. They only did that shit because they ran out of budget.


fuck them weird ass convoluted ass movies lmfao. the new movies are the only thing that matter to me.


You both are fighting over two piles of dog shit.

Rebuild 1.0 was pretty good tho, dunno about the sequels, im sure they spiraled into insanity as well.


I actually just finished watching the series a couple weeks ago. I watched the rebuild movies a few years back already. I didn’t know they were THAT different.

Anyways, I don’t know how Eva is held up in such high regard with that trash ass ending(I guess back then it was an anime pioneer so whatever). Even the ova movies that followed it weren’t that great.