Anime & Manga Thread v.6.0 Crunchyroll Sucks Now, Come Back Funimation! Come Back!


its held up because its a prototype for alot of shit since. Its from the same era of anime as akira and ghost in the shell in terms of early hq anime. Alooooot of shit has straight up ripped it off or been influenced since.

In todays standards its not great and honestly doesnt hold up well…the og series but at the time it was pretty fucked up and mind blowing to alot of us at the time.


I’m almost done watching My Bride is a Mermaid. Doesn’t do anything new but sometimes I don’t mind a show that treads familiar territory. Besides, it’s freaking hilarious.

I grabbed Cutie Honey Classic Collection. Nice to get some hardcover manga.

Speaking of older manga, I just found out Dark Horse has released Astro Boy Omnibus mangas so I can finally complete my Astro Boy manga. Omnibus 3 came today and I’m gonna order the remaining 6 a little bit at a time.


I picked up all the Astro Boy Omnibuses a few months ago.


I tend to feel a bit strange talking about Astro Boy manga because it is old AF but its nice to see other people reading and enjoying it. I’ve read complaints from reviewers on Amazon about the small size. I have a few of the original manga vols and those are just about the same size as these omnibus books so I don’t see why all those reviewers are throwing a hissy fit.


I’m surprised when haven’t gotten a new Astro Boy series by now. The 2009 CG movie is the last new thing the series got.


gonna start watching this after catching a peep of this vid. yea yea i know. looks like classic shonen bs sterotypical nonsense.
but still doe. it still looks fun

7 deadly sins is the anime


Cow-girl seals up the 3rd seed spot, tho!!


Fucking. Why.


Cowboy Bebop is an anime that can actually work in live-action.


EVA on Netflix! When’s RahXephon coming back?


The Anime ending was eunuch balls.

The Movie ending is one of very few times I’ll call bullshit for outright MISOGYNY.

Asuka didn’t deserve to be done so very, very dirty like that.


I believe Amazon has that.


Zombieland Saga is still good stuff. Personally think 8 is the best so far but I’m looking forward to when Tae actually wakes up.


when Tae actually wakes up

Good joke.


You want Tae to awaken? What is wrong with you?



If you have Hulu, you’re getting that Funimation anime


You can also get Funi anime on Nyaa, but don’t tell anyone I said that.


Andromeda Shun got gender flipped in this version.


This looks so fucking good. I love Saint Seiya