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More City Hunter.


so ive been watching sss.gridman and it still is fuckin weird they made an anime outta superhuman samurai cyber squad.



Get it right maxx


I miss Keijo. </3
Gone but not forgotten


Didn’t realize the new Seiya was 3D first i’d seen footage of it. The lost canvas was really good, not sure if this one will be as good, hopefully though.



Holy fuck, this Hanayama vs Speck fight in Baki. This shit went left. Lol


So stumbled across a shoujo type manga called Hakuba no Oujisama about a teacher that cant get married or something.

Its a really interesting story and the main character is THE most perfect waifu ever.


YuruYuri 10th Anniversary OVA Crowdfunding is already 500% funded on it’s first day.



50 million yen? That’s roughly 500,000 USD.
That’s enough for a 55 minute OVA,
or a 29 minute OVA with top notch animation.

I hope more animation studios participate in crowdfunding.
I would invest 1K on a crowdfund to get another Nazo no Kanojo X OVA.


Where the hell did you even get the cost figures from?


My Astro Boy Omnibus Vol. 2 arrived Thursday so my Vol. 4 should arrive today. Only got volumes 5-7 to go and I’ll have the whole set.

I started watching a Certain Magical Index a while back and I’ve lost track of how many women/girls Toma has punched. He may have awful luck but one area he is extremely lucky in: women. Seriously, is there any female that doesn’t like him? Itsuwa is best girl IMO.


season 2 trailer of OPM


Watched Goblin Slayer’s two part season finale, it was dope.
I am actually happy and pleased with the ending!


I also finished Goblin Slayer and liked it. I was thinking of ranting about the people that bitched about the anime at the start for it being ‘edgy’, but that’s an old topic. All I’ll say is fuck those idiots, and that GS was relatively light compared to something like Berserk.

Slowly making my way through the Railgun/Index series because I’ve procrastinated on it long enough…although I’m taking my time with it. So I’ll probably finish around 2022.


Time for Best/Favorite Anime stuffs of 2018?, lol.

  • Male MC
  • Female MC
  • Supporting/Side Male character
  • Supporting/Side Female character
  • Male VA performance
  • Female VA performance
  • OP theme
  • ED theme
  • OP sequence
  • ED sequence
  • Short anime

Probably more, but whatever.


  • Oppai (SJ category)


I really dug goblin slayer and the process is prob gonna repeat itself with shield hero the Wikipedia page for that is crazy